Sunday, October 21, 2012

Something Cute!

Heya! How's Sunday biting you up?

Today is the launching of the MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection in the Philippines.  So despite being a Sunday, and as much as I still wanted to sleep some more, I dragged my ass off to the nearest MAC store, because I didn't wanna miss out on anything.  I had my eyes set on it so early on, so yeah, I had a little haul awhile ago.  Will be posting about that soon.

For now, I'm just hanging out at a coffee shop somewhere taking advantage of the fast and free Wifi connection. I'm doing several things at the same time, which includes blogging, uploading some photos on Facebook, and watching some makeup videos on Youtube,

I actually just wanted to share these videos I've been addicted to lately.  It's a video of a very young and cute makeup guru named Maddie.  Have you seen her videos yet?  I think she started doing makeup videos when she was still 5 years old. Very young, right?  But it's really nothing serious, it's like she's just playing.  But she certainly knows a lot about makeup than some of my friends do! I would like to credit that talent to her mom, who's probably a makeup addict herself, haha!  Here 's  one of her videos for your own viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!


  1. she's so cute! :)

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    1. isn't she adorable?

      thanks for dropping by! :P

  2. she looks so adorable and smart young kid.

    new here on your blog,would you mind following my blog?tnx.

    just me,

    1. thanks for dropping by!

      Yeah, I know, Maddie is such a cutie.

  3. Wow the Marilyn Monroe collection is launching pretty late for you guys! I bought a blush and lipstick from the collection so I can't wait to see what you got :)

    1. Yup, we're pretty late on some makeup collections here in the Philippines. Some Holiday collections even arrive in January. But at least, we get to see reviews already, so we'll know what to get. haha.

      thanks for visiting, dear! :P


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