Sunday, November 25, 2012

Party Nails v.2

Last day before we hit the workforce again.  What a party pooper! But before everyone goes on busy mode, let's entertain ourselves with some pretty photos of makeup and nail art, shall we?

For today, I'm posting another Party Nails post. Yep, it's my version two! This time I went with my favorite color - purple! And with tiny silver specks with it.  Here's a shot of my new party nails:

To get things goin', let me show you how I made them.  First, let's gather all the materials I used for this one.

I have my new nail polish in Amethyst from a local brand named Chic. Then, I grabbed the tiny gold stars from my Wish nail art kit, which I got from Watson's long ago.  I also used my dotting tool, and finally, capped off everything with a swipe of clear nail polish.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Review: VMV Lipsticks in Tutu and Chorus

What a sunny Saturday! This morning, I went out to pay our condominium bills and planned on checking out the pool in case I decide to go swimming today.  Unluckily for me (and for some other eager kids), the pool was under treatment. Well, so much for that. 

So after paying the bills, I just went back to our unit and had my breakfast instead. And while I’m getting worked up with my constant fuel called coffee, I also decided to checkout some of my blog photos.  And I happened to stumble upon photos of the VMV lipsticks I purchased some months ago.

I did a haul post of them way back. And yeah, I’m guilty for not posting my reviews soon enough.  But in the end, hopefully, you’ll understand why.

But first, the basic stuff:

Place Bought:  VMV boutique at Robinson’s Galleria
Price:  These were on sale at 50% off when I got them. So I only paid Php525.00 for each. But regular price is at Php 1,050.00 each.
Packaging:  In a silver metallic tube, with the VMV logos on it and the shade names underneath.
Shades:  I got two for me – Tutu and Chorus.  Tutu is from the “Subtle Shine” line, while “Chorus” is from the “Glitz” line.  If you look closely, they’re almost the same shade, except that Chorus has more distinct glitters and shine in it.  I don’t know why I got two similar shades.  When I got these, I was in the mood for MLBB lipsticks, so I guess that explains it.

The reason I got these, aside from the sale, is that I had friends who attest to the quality of these lipsticks.  My sister, for example, has sensitive lips and her lips aren’t compatible with a lot of brands, like MAC.  Mineral lipsticks like these are her best bets, because they don’t dry out and sting her lips at all.  So naturally, I got curious to try them out.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review: MAC Peony Petal blush

I am always on the lookout for a good pink blush.  Despite having quite a few pinks in my stash already, I’m still craving for the right shade of bright pink and something that won’t oxidize on me once it’s on my cheeks.

So when I got this limited edition blush from the Tres Chic Collection of MAC, I was excited to try it out the moment I tore the packaging.  Thanks to online shopping and for the ever-reliable GirlTalk Beauty Bazaar, because I always get my beauty fix for makeups that aren’t available at the stores.  And it wouldn’t hurt that the prices aren’t so marked up.  So yeah, I got this one for a good deal.

As expected from a MAC blush, this one is a finely-milled and soft powder blush.  It's in a satin finish, with no glitter or shimmer.  I can effectively use my blush brush to apply and blend it onto my cheeks without too much rubbing or swiping. 

What I love most about it is the shade, of course.  Rarely do I get to find a nice cool-toned pink that stays the same shade all throughout the day on my cheeks.  I have another blue-based pink blush in my stash, which is NARS Angelika, but it kinda oxidizes on my cheeks after several hours.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love my NARS Angelika - but comparing it to this MAC Peony Petal, I like it better since the shade remains the same.  And again, as expected from a MAC blush, it stays on me for a good 6 hours. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Party Nails v.1

What’s up, ladies and gents?

Since party season is just around the corner, I wanted to do some fun party nail art.  I was at the grocery store yesterday browsing through some nail polishes, when my eyes caught those glittery nail polishes.  Hence, an idea hit me and the rest is history.

So for today, I’ll be showing you how I did my nails for this week.  I know it’s not strictly work appropriate, but showing off a little glitter on your tips won’t hurt I guess. 

Ok, I stand corrected.  I do have a lot of glitters on my tips.  And I see a disco ball whenever I see them, but I don’t care. They just put me in the mood to party!

To cut the story short, let’s just begin, shall we? This will just be quick, I promise!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review: The Face Shop Aqua Tinted BB Cream

It took me a long time to finally get to review this BB cream.  Being a favorite, I can’t believe I neglected giving it some lovin’ since I always wear it in my makeup looks.  So for today, let me focus your attentions to this gem.

The Face Shop’s Aqua Tinted BB cream, from the name itself, boasts of being “water-based”.  As such, it’s cool and refreshing when applied to the skin because there are no heavy oils in it.  The SAs often tell me that it’s made especially for oily skin.  And I can sure tell you why.

But first, let’s see the basics.


Place bought:  The Face Shop store, Robinson’s Galleria

Price:  995PHP for the 40ml tube; and 495PHP for the 20ml travel size tube.  However, upon inquiry, this is only available now in the 40ml tube.

Packaging:  It’s in a blue squeezable tube, with a silver cap.  It’s pretty elegant and classic.

Shade:  My usual shade is Natural Beige.  But it’s always sold out, probably because it suits Filipina skin better.  Out of sheer necessity, I bought the lighter shade which is Light Beige.  The difference?  Natural Beige is yellow toned, while Light Beige has pink undertones.

Light Beige in 40 ml tube; Natural Beige in 20 ml tube

For the consistency and texture, this BB cream is liquid and light.  It’s easily blendable onto the skin whether you opt to use your fingers or your foundation brush.  What I love is that it’s very refreshing and cool upon application, as I mentioned earlier.  It doesn’t dry matte on the skin, but instead leaves a dewy effect but without the greasy and oily feeling.  It dries onto the skin instantly, which is one of the great things I love about it, because there’s no need for waiting time.  Of course, setting it with a loose powder is still essential to keep it on my face longer.  I can usually wear it for the whole day and with SPF 20, it’s a great sun protection, too.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nailbits: Wild Nail Art

My nails gone wild. 

Actually, it's more of an impromptu nail art.  Remember my cracked nails for Halloween?  Well, it's a tweaking of that.  I didn't know my nails were gonna end up like this, but being too busy and rushing so much for an out of town trip can have its perks.  I ended up doing these nails at the very last minute.

You see, I was already on the act of removing them, but I only got less than an hour to do so.  As I was rubbing the nail polish remover, I realized it was taking too long to remove all those cracked nail polish.  Damn, these Kleancolor cracked nail polish really stay put like glue! 

So, an idea hit me!  I decided to just leave them like that, you know, messy and wild.  Then, I added some glitter and clear polish.  

And that's how my nails ended up.

I'm not sure if they're pretty, but I think I see Earth in my nails. They look like tiny maps.  The yellow polish underneath were all gone, and only the blue cracked polish shows.

And so I repeat, my nails gone wild.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipstick in Scarlet Ibis

Talk about sexy red orange lips.

rocking red orange lips ala Marilyn Monroe

It was only Marilyn Monroe who was probably able to pull that off before, and during her time, she was already considered to be daring and sexy just doing that.  I guess she just had to live up to her fame as being The Sexy Siren of her time, by matching her makeup looks to her celebrity status.

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However, mere mortals just like us can actually try to pull off that look, too.  Just grab a tube of this Scarlet Ibis lipstick, and you’ll be strutting like sexy.

Place bought:  MAC store at the Eastwood Mall
Price:  1100PHP
Packaging:  In a shiny bullet tube, that came with a limited edition box – all with Marilyn’s image on them.
Shade:  Scarlet Ibis is a bright red orange matte lipstick.

First, let’s go through the packaging.  

Because it’s limited edition, MAC made sure that the packaging would also be one of its selling point.  I had to agree with that. From the box with Marilyn’s kissmark on it, to her signature on the tube itself together with her image on it, I think MAC really went all the way.  I think the shiny and sleek packaging of the tube also helps to give off that sexy vibe, although I hate fingerprints on it.

Review: MAC Marilyn Monroe Beauty Powder in Forever Marilyn

So how was your Halloween? 

Did you end up wearing your preferred costume, or just pretty much grabbed whatever’s available?  Either way, I hope you had a blast.

And since today is such a lazy day for most of us, largely because it’s a declared holiday, I think I will give you something to liven up your afternoon.

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Say, how about my full-blown review of this beauty powder from the MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection? Let’s see, first let me go through the usuals.. And while we’re at it, why don’t you grab some coffee or tea?


Place Bought: MAC Store at the Eastwood Mall
Price:  1600PHP
Packaging:  Comes with a special box with Marilyn’s kissmark on the inside cover.  The compact itself has Marilyn’s image on it.  It’s shiny and big.  Not the usual MAC matte packaging.
Shade:  This only comes in one shade, the Forever Marilyn.  It’s a cool toned powder on the pinkish side.


I really like the packaging, with Marilyn’s sultry pose on it.  I just wished it came in MAC’s usual matte packaging, instead of the shiny compact.  It attracts fingerprints a lot, so I don’t really dig that.  But the compact itself is really big, and would guarantee that it will probably last me for more than a year, granted that I use it everyday.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

It’s a long weekend. What will you be up to?

As for my plans, I’ll be visiting my Mama’s grave today, together with the rest of the family.  And then, tomorrow evening, I’ll be going on a road trip to Baguio with some high school friends.  Because none of us would like to drive for a good six hours-long trip, we’ll just be taking the bus. I’m kinda excited actually for that.

But for today, since it’s Halloween, I had initial attempts to do a nail art.  But I had no time to create and do a really nice one.  So instead, I just opted to try out the “cracked” nails look.  I know, the fame of the cracked nail art has long been gone, but some girls are still trying it out.  Like for me, for example, it’s my first time to try it.  And what better time to try it out –

sorry, i just chipped my thumb.

I’m wearing a plain yellow nail polish underneath.  And then topped it off with the Crack nail polish from Kleancolor.  I love how this cracked nail polish effect looked, and the thin consistency of the nail polish itself.  However, if you'll notice the nail on my thumb, it already chipped.  I applied them on last night and took these shots this morning.  I wonder what happened to my thumb nail.

 And to make things a little bit fun for tonight, I decided to play with my new makeup.  Here’s my makeup look for today rocking my MAC Marilyn Monroe items, like the Beauty Powder and the Scarlet Ibis lipstick.  Separate reviews of them will be posted soon, I promise. I'm still tweaking some of the photos.  But for now, I hope you’ll love the look as much as I do. I just made it simple, making my lips the highlight of my face.

Products used:  
The Face Shop Aqua BB Cream
Ben Nye Loose Power
ELF Blush in Peachykeen
MAC Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder
Fanny Serrano bronzer used for contouring

Shu Uemura Hard Pencil No. 6

MAC Marilyn Monroe in Scarlet Ibis

The red orange shade is so flattering on me, don’t cha think?