Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nailbits: Wild Nail Art

My nails gone wild. 

Actually, it's more of an impromptu nail art.  Remember my cracked nails for Halloween?  Well, it's a tweaking of that.  I didn't know my nails were gonna end up like this, but being too busy and rushing so much for an out of town trip can have its perks.  I ended up doing these nails at the very last minute.

You see, I was already on the act of removing them, but I only got less than an hour to do so.  As I was rubbing the nail polish remover, I realized it was taking too long to remove all those cracked nail polish.  Damn, these Kleancolor cracked nail polish really stay put like glue! 

So, an idea hit me!  I decided to just leave them like that, you know, messy and wild.  Then, I added some glitter and clear polish.  

And that's how my nails ended up.

I'm not sure if they're pretty, but I think I see Earth in my nails. They look like tiny maps.  The yellow polish underneath were all gone, and only the blue cracked polish shows.

And so I repeat, my nails gone wild.

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  1. wow! that's what we call "art"! it does reminds me of fish scales more to earth but it is still artsy lovely~ I loved it ^_~


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