Monday, November 12, 2012

Party Nails v.1

What’s up, ladies and gents?

Since party season is just around the corner, I wanted to do some fun party nail art.  I was at the grocery store yesterday browsing through some nail polishes, when my eyes caught those glittery nail polishes.  Hence, an idea hit me and the rest is history.

So for today, I’ll be showing you how I did my nails for this week.  I know it’s not strictly work appropriate, but showing off a little glitter on your tips won’t hurt I guess. 

Ok, I stand corrected.  I do have a lot of glitters on my tips.  And I see a disco ball whenever I see them, but I don’t care. They just put me in the mood to party!

To cut the story short, let’s just begin, shall we? This will just be quick, I promise!

First, gather all your materials.  I only got three polishes here – my base color, my glitters, and my top coat. 

For my base color, I chose something with a shiny finish, like this Platinum shade from Caress.  You may opt to choose just plain white, though.  Apply about two coats and let dry.

And then, I grabbed this cute little thing from Cutex. It’s a shade called To the Batcave.  

I think I saw something like this from Orly or Opi or China Glaze, I don’t know which one. So yeah, it’s a dupe. But it sure delivers well. 

Applying glitter polishes can be tricky, so make sure you apply slowly, making sure all the glitter in the brush sticks to your nails.  You may also use a wooden stick to place the glitters as you desire. 

Finally, after letting the glitters dry up, finish with a top coat. 

And see what I’ve got here!  Party, festive nails!

A closer look here!

See, I told you it's just quick.

Well, I think I have more ideas up my sleeve for party-ready nails.  So stay tuned, I’ll sure be posting more.

Hope you like.

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