Sunday, November 25, 2012

Party Nails v.2

Last day before we hit the workforce again.  What a party pooper! But before everyone goes on busy mode, let's entertain ourselves with some pretty photos of makeup and nail art, shall we?

For today, I'm posting another Party Nails post. Yep, it's my version two! This time I went with my favorite color - purple! And with tiny silver specks with it.  Here's a shot of my new party nails:

To get things goin', let me show you how I made them.  First, let's gather all the materials I used for this one.

I have my new nail polish in Amethyst from a local brand named Chic. Then, I grabbed the tiny gold stars from my Wish nail art kit, which I got from Watson's long ago.  I also used my dotting tool, and finally, capped off everything with a swipe of clear nail polish.

A closer look of the glaze nail polish reveals that it's full of tiny silver glitters, which makes it also grainy in texture.  I applied two coats to achieve the shade shown on the bottle.

Then I used my dotting tool to apply the small gold stars on each fingernail.  To make them stick easily, I dabbed a bit of the clear polish underneath them.

And lastly, two coats of clear nail polish on each nail will even out the texture a bit.

All done! Great party nails for purple lovers out there.  You can choose to place the stars in any part of the nails. As an option, if you don't have these tiny gold stars handy, you can use nail stickers or gold foil paper cut into tiny stars.

Hope you like 'em.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, loves!

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