Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review: The Face Shop Aqua Tinted BB Cream

It took me a long time to finally get to review this BB cream.  Being a favorite, I can’t believe I neglected giving it some lovin’ since I always wear it in my makeup looks.  So for today, let me focus your attentions to this gem.

The Face Shop’s Aqua Tinted BB cream, from the name itself, boasts of being “water-based”.  As such, it’s cool and refreshing when applied to the skin because there are no heavy oils in it.  The SAs often tell me that it’s made especially for oily skin.  And I can sure tell you why.

But first, let’s see the basics.


Place bought:  The Face Shop store, Robinson’s Galleria

Price:  995PHP for the 40ml tube; and 495PHP for the 20ml travel size tube.  However, upon inquiry, this is only available now in the 40ml tube.

Packaging:  It’s in a blue squeezable tube, with a silver cap.  It’s pretty elegant and classic.

Shade:  My usual shade is Natural Beige.  But it’s always sold out, probably because it suits Filipina skin better.  Out of sheer necessity, I bought the lighter shade which is Light Beige.  The difference?  Natural Beige is yellow toned, while Light Beige has pink undertones.

Light Beige in 40 ml tube; Natural Beige in 20 ml tube

For the consistency and texture, this BB cream is liquid and light.  It’s easily blendable onto the skin whether you opt to use your fingers or your foundation brush.  What I love is that it’s very refreshing and cool upon application, as I mentioned earlier.  It doesn’t dry matte on the skin, but instead leaves a dewy effect but without the greasy and oily feeling.  It dries onto the skin instantly, which is one of the great things I love about it, because there’s no need for waiting time.  Of course, setting it with a loose powder is still essential to keep it on my face longer.  I can usually wear it for the whole day and with SPF 20, it’s a great sun protection, too.

As for coverage, it ranges from light to medium with proper layering.  But you might still need your concealer for darker blemishes and under your eyes. But for everyday, if you don’t need that much coverage, this BB cream is enough.  I use mine almost every day, alternating it with my other tubes.  Sometimes, when I’m not rushing in the morning, I layer my Revlon liquid foundation over it so I have more coverage.  It works as a good primer at that.

However, for ladies who have sensitive noses, you might not like the slight chemical scent that comes with it.  Although, it’s not really strong and it goes away after application.  For me, it initially smells like baby powder with some slight chemical scent.  But I can deal with it.

Light beige on the lower left;  Natural Beige in upper right.

Notice how Natural Beige is more yellow in tone

Overall, this is another good BB cream to try if you are a newbie to BB creams.  It’s light enough to be able to let your skin breathe, it has decent coverage, it has enough sun protection and finally, it’s easily blendable.  For the price of 995PHP, it’s really not that expensive at all because you only need about four dots on your face every day.  That means, the tube would last you for a whole year already, granted it’s the one you use every day.  I still have my travel sized Aqua BB Cream and I got this around December last year.  I only have a few drops left, but hey, I got my money’s worth already.

Does it cover my pores? I think it does a bit.

So yeah, this is my favorite.  I’m actually on my third tube already.  The lighter shade is not too much of an issue, because I can always tweak it with my setting powder.

Do you have a favorite face makeup? Tell me about it.


  1. is it suitable for oily skin?

    1. Yep. It's made for those with oily skin, because it's water-based. You should try it. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I'm gonna try this. Cuz my favorite bb cream now is étude magic bb cream (purple one) it's for oily cuz I have oily skin. And as my experience it's waterproof cuz even my face is sweating web I wipe it off still looks flawless. I love this bb for now. But ima try that water based. Thanks


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