Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipstick in Scarlet Ibis

Talk about sexy red orange lips.

rocking red orange lips ala Marilyn Monroe

It was only Marilyn Monroe who was probably able to pull that off before, and during her time, she was already considered to be daring and sexy just doing that.  I guess she just had to live up to her fame as being The Sexy Siren of her time, by matching her makeup looks to her celebrity status.

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However, mere mortals just like us can actually try to pull off that look, too.  Just grab a tube of this Scarlet Ibis lipstick, and you’ll be strutting like sexy.

Place bought:  MAC store at the Eastwood Mall
Price:  1100PHP
Packaging:  In a shiny bullet tube, that came with a limited edition box – all with Marilyn’s image on them.
Shade:  Scarlet Ibis is a bright red orange matte lipstick.

First, let’s go through the packaging.  

Because it’s limited edition, MAC made sure that the packaging would also be one of its selling point.  I had to agree with that. From the box with Marilyn’s kissmark on it, to her signature on the tube itself together with her image on it, I think MAC really went all the way.  I think the shiny and sleek packaging of the tube also helps to give off that sexy vibe, although I hate fingerprints on it.

Now back on the lipstick itself, this one is matte in texture.  Like with all other matte lipsticks from MAC, some lips may find it drying, too.  

Although personally, it’s nothing that a good lip balm can’t fix.  Being matte, the color stays put almost 6-8 hours on the lips, so that’s a plus.  It’s also very pigmented that one swipe is enough to bring the exact shade that’s on the tube.

As for the shade, I really love it! I do wear red lipsticks really well, and this one didn’t fail me at all.  It’s red orange that isn’t a little too bright.  Some compare it to Lady Danger, but I think this one is warmer in tone yet also a little bit tamer.  I really love how it brightens up my whole face in just one quick swipe.

the swatch

Overall, I think I can say that I found my new sexy red lipstick.  


  1. Nice lip color. The color looks really good on you.

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  3. Such cute packaging! The color looks good on you :) I also love red lippies. ♥


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