Saturday, November 24, 2012

Review: VMV Lipsticks in Tutu and Chorus

What a sunny Saturday! This morning, I went out to pay our condominium bills and planned on checking out the pool in case I decide to go swimming today.  Unluckily for me (and for some other eager kids), the pool was under treatment. Well, so much for that. 

So after paying the bills, I just went back to our unit and had my breakfast instead. And while I’m getting worked up with my constant fuel called coffee, I also decided to checkout some of my blog photos.  And I happened to stumble upon photos of the VMV lipsticks I purchased some months ago.

I did a haul post of them way back. And yeah, I’m guilty for not posting my reviews soon enough.  But in the end, hopefully, you’ll understand why.

But first, the basic stuff:

Place Bought:  VMV boutique at Robinson’s Galleria
Price:  These were on sale at 50% off when I got them. So I only paid Php525.00 for each. But regular price is at Php 1,050.00 each.
Packaging:  In a silver metallic tube, with the VMV logos on it and the shade names underneath.
Shades:  I got two for me – Tutu and Chorus.  Tutu is from the “Subtle Shine” line, while “Chorus” is from the “Glitz” line.  If you look closely, they’re almost the same shade, except that Chorus has more distinct glitters and shine in it.  I don’t know why I got two similar shades.  When I got these, I was in the mood for MLBB lipsticks, so I guess that explains it.

The reason I got these, aside from the sale, is that I had friends who attest to the quality of these lipsticks.  My sister, for example, has sensitive lips and her lips aren’t compatible with a lot of brands, like MAC.  Mineral lipsticks like these are her best bets, because they don’t dry out and sting her lips at all.  So naturally, I got curious to try them out.

As you can see from the swatch here, the shades really do appear similar.  Chorus has just more shine or shimmer to it, and that’s even more noticeable on the lips. It has chunkier glitters in it. Tutu, meanwhile, is just plain old muted pink with just a bit of sheen to it.  The shades are my exact MLBB matches, so they’re both great for office wear.

However, as far as the texture goes, I had a little problem with Tutu.  Granted that these are mineral or all-natural lipsticks, I kinda expected that they would have the same texture as the lipsticks from Human Heart Nature. You know, grainy and dry in texture. But with their expensive price, I also expected them to fare much better.  Tutu isn’t as smooth to glide on as I wanted.  And I had to swipe several layers to get the color to show up on my lips.  It’s as if the tube went dry, like matte in texture, or maybe I just got a bad one.  It isn’t as pigmented as the one I tried at the store.  As for Chorus, this one fares better for me and is actually my favorite.  I like shimmery lipsticks, so it works for me.  I also like that it’s softer in texture and easily swipes onto the lips better than Tutu.

wearing Chorus

wearing Tutu

I guess in the end, with the high price, I’m just actually paying more for the packaging, too.  I like the silver metallic tube, very handy for me.  It’s similar to the Maybelline lipsticks, except that these are metallic so they are kinda heavier.  It’s classy, elegant and fits the price just right. 

But that’s just about how I like these lipsticks.  It’s only because they were on sale that I got them, but if not for that, I would rather spend my Php 1000 for a MAC lipstick.  My lips aren’t as sensitive as my sister, so I think I’ll just give Tutu to her. Hehe.

Have you tried VMV lipsticks?


  1. Havent tried but will keep it in mind!!
    The Misty Mom

  2. both shades are pretty similar indeed! I think the one is a bit frosted compared to the other one~ For me, it's quite expensive and yes I would rather splurge on mac instead =)

    1. you're right, Janet. Chorus from the Glitz line is actually the frosted version of Tutu. It's just weird that they have different textures. :(


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