Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review: Benefit’s Dandelion

Finally, a full blown product review!  I’ve been waiting for a day or night when I can finally do this.  December is such a busy month! Both socially and work-wise. 

How did you spend your Christmas?  For me, I just went to Subic with my sibs to visit Papa.  We just went out to eat and drink, and then had lunch before we went to back to Manila.  I had to work on the 26th right away, so we traveled back on Christmas afternoon.  Since it was also my birthday, I just bought myself a cake.  And that’s it! It was a nice break, but too bad I have work right away.  Hopefully, for the New Year celebrations, I will get my much needed break.  I just literally want to sleep in!  I also want to go shopping, for myself actually.  I've been spending on gifts, but I really want a treat for myself for my birthday.

I missed blogging so much.  I already have loads of new products to review and I can’t wait to have you see them.  But for today, let’s start with this new blush/highlighter duo that I’ve been currently using to achieve a brightened nude makeup look.

Let me show you some facts about the product first –


Place bought:  I got this online from GirlTalk’s Beauty Bazaar.

Price:  Php800.00 (Yup, I got it for a bargain!)  Regular price is around Php1500.00 at Benefit stores.

Packaging:  Like all of Benefit’s Box o’ Powders, it’s also in a box, with a mirror and a blush.  But I’m aware that this isn’t the original packaging, because I know that the old one is in a bigger box.  Nevertheless, the product is always more important than the packaging, right?

Shade:  Dandelion – according to Benefit, it’s a mauve and pinkish blush that gives off a brightening finish.  It has tiny glitters that you can only see if you really take a good look at it.

When I got this from the seller, I was surprised that it’s not even used at all.  And I think that the reason is that it’s difficult to make it show up on your skin, most especially on morena girls.  As you can see in my swatch, it also appears quite chalky. 

On me, it hardly works as a blush unless I make about 10 swipes of it on my cheeks.  If it were more pigmented, it’s already a great color in itself to be used as a blush.  But since it doesn’t really work like that even on me, I discovered that I can make more good use of it as a highlighter.

And as a highlighter, it sure works great!  Benefit was right when it said that it brightens up complexions.  I can really attest to that, because it made my skin brighter with every swipe.  It also lasts quite a long time, like 4 hours on my skin. I apply it over my powder foundation or over my loose powder.  Sometimes, I also go over under my eyes.  It really works wonders, especially when I had an all-nighter.  It's hard to judge it by just photos alone, actually.  Hence, I'd rather you try it out in the store yourself.

It’s not bad that it has a hint of scent in it, too, but if you’re particular about that, you might not like it.  It faintly smells of fresh flowers so I like it on that note.  Oh, and I also dig the brush included.  I thought it was gonna be scratchy, but it turned out to be really soft.  So when I use Dandelion, I just apply it with the brush. See how it's now stained.

However, despite all that, I’m not really a fan of the packaging.  It’s too bulky for me, not travel-friendly at all.  So I’d rather leave it at home and just make do with applying it in the morning.

Finally, here’s a makeup look using it as a highlighter on my cheekbones, nose and forehead –

Other products used:
Shu Uemura Hard Pencil on the brows,
The Faceshop Aqua BB cream, Ben Nye loose powder,
MAC blush in Peony Petal,
MAC Pro Long Wear Lipcreme in Overtime,
Fanny Serrano bronzing powder for contouring the cheeks

This is my first box o' powder from Benefit.  Since I'm such a blush addict, I'm also thinking of getting Coralista, but still having second thoughts because I don't like the bulky packaging. Hmm, maybe I should get that as my makeup treat?

Hey, 2013 is just around the corner, what will you be up to this NYE? 


  1. The shade looks pretty on you. Thanks for the review!

    xoxo Yette


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