Sunday, January 6, 2013

Review: MAC Glamour Dazed Lipsticks in Outrageously Fun and Dramatic Encounter

left: outrageously fun; right: dramatic encounter

Talk about two colors at the opposite side of the spectrum! Well, that’s what got me thinking when I got these two colors of lipstick from the MAC Glamour Dazed Collection.  Actually, I just bought the darker one called Dramatic Encounter because I wanted to experiment on wearing dark and violet lipsticks.  Upon first swipe on the counter, I wanted it right away.  But I also didn’t know that I was about to get the pink one called Outrageously Fun.  This one was sold to me by a friend who’s also a fellow lipstick addict (hi, Jam!).  So upon comparing the two colors, it struck me as odd that they both belong to one collection.  One appears to be innocent girly pink, while the other is vampy and bad-assed violet.  Both of them surely contradict each other in more ways than one. Nevertheless, I still love the wear they impart on me.

To go on with the review, let’s deal with the basics first.

Place Bought:  MAC stores
Price:  1100PHP each
Packaging:  It’s in the same MAC bullet tube, except that they’re shiny because both are limited editions. 
Shades:  Outrageously Fun is in a cremesheen finish.  It’s a blue-based pink but with more blue in it, making it more purple in person.   Dramatic Encounter is an amplified crème.  It’s a dark red violet color with more purple tones in it. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sunblock Mousse Cream: A Preview

Hi there, beautiful people!

How's your weekend coming along?  I'm currently doing some research but I realized after much reading and taking notes that my brain just cannot take it anymore.  It's mostly technical environmental stuff, which I've never ever encountered in law school.  In fact, this research is more for engineers, but heck, I still gotta study them for work! So yeah, I'm a lawyer slash pseudo-engineer for today.  

But if I were to choose, I'd rather do some technical research on more interesting topics like makeup and skin care.  So I'm actually doin' this quick post as a break for my tired brain.  

Here's something interesting for you.  Have you tried a sunblock that applies like a powder?  Well, I have and this is really something innovative! 

One of the perks of having family members who are involved in the skin care and aesthetic industry is having access to new skin care inventions.  One of them is this sunblock cream from a brand called Reformage.  You can see from the photo above that it's in a cream formula, but is actually a mousse cream. But upon application to the skin, it transforms into a powder-like finish leaving your skin matte and non-greasy.  Very different from the sunblock or sunscreen lotions that I know of from the market, which are actually either too greasy, too oily or too dewy, even if they are so-called "non-greasy" lotions.  It actually applies with zero dewiness-effect, which means that you can apply powder on your face right away!

I'll be doing a more extensive review of this product, and will probably let you know where and how to get it.  But for the meantime, let this post be like a preview of what to come next.

Amazing product, right?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review: MAC Pro Long Wear Lipcreme in Love Forever!

wearing one layer of Love Forever!

I fell in love.  And I think it’s gonna be for as long as MAC won’t discontinue the Pro Long Wear Lipcremes.  I really like how they stay on my lips for the rest of the day, without being too heavy or too drying.  My favorite shade is Love Forever.  Indeed, it’s a very apt name for this lovely blue-based pink.  I will certainly love it forever, for as long as it stays on my lips. 

Let me begin this review with the basics:

Place bought:  Got this from the US as a gift, but it can be purchased at all MAC stores locally.
Price:  It’s at 1000PHP (as far as I know).
Packaging:  Different from the regular bullet tubes of MAC lipsticks, because it’s in a metal tube casing.  It’s also longer and with more product than the regular lippies.
Shade: Love Forever! – yup, it has to have that exclamation mark right there. 

Nailbits: Dotted Emeralds


Today is the first workday of the year, and I hope everyone is doing just fine. My Wednesday morning started out not as good as I wanted it to be, because I got apprehended for violating the number coding scheme. So yeah, I left home late enough to be caught by the yellow guys of Makati. It was also an interesting way to remind me that my driver's license has gone expired. But in the spirit of new year, they let me get away with just one violation - whew!

Way to go for me!

But at least, peeking at my nails today keeps me in a festive mood, just enough to keep my sanity going for the rest of the day. Today, our office is also renovating so at least there's no pressure at work right now. I'm just chilling here until the IT guys hook up my PC. In the meantime, I'm using my downtime to use our Wifi and do some blogging via my Ipod touch.

Hope your day turns out to be better than mine.

Good luck to you!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Dozen Hits for 2012

Happy New Year!!!

As we pave the way for 2013, let me look back on the things that made my 2012 a beautiful year – makeup and beauty – wise.

Truthfully, it was difficult to pick out just 12 items from my growing makeup stash.  But I wanted this list to be short, sweet and simple.  My basis for picking out the list are: (1) how I frequently use them, (2) how convenient they are in making me pretty instantly, and (3) how versatile they are in doing my makeup looks.

So, in no particular order, I present to you my hit list for 2012 –

 MAC Chatterbox Amplified Crème lipstick – It’s no doubt my most used and abused MAC lipstick to date.  Even if I already bought new MAC lipstick shades, I always go back to this one.  It’s so versatile, I can use it daytime at the office, or at night when I go out with friends.  It complements both neutral and dark eye makeup.

MAC Dame blush – Like Chatterbox, this is my most versatile MAC blush.  More than being MAC, the shade complements a lot of makeup looks even when I wanted to sport dark red lipstick. Because it applies matte, when I layer it on, it helps me fake a natural blush on my cheeks.

MAC Scarlet Ibis – My new favorite red shade.  Because it’s a warm red orange shade, it instantly brightens up both my teeth and my face.  I love how it looks really glamorous on me.

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation -  By far, the best liquid foundation from the few that I’ve tried. It keeps my oilies at bay, stays put for the whole day, and covers all my imperfections well.  This is what I use for special events, like when I had to attend weddings, or go on a serious night out.

Shu Uemura Hard Pencil in No.6 – My favorite eyebrow pencil to date.  I never leave the house without it.  Although I tend to use an eyebrow powder in the mornings, I still have this in my purse so I can retouch my brows any time of the day.  It’s so convenient because there’s no need for a spoolie or an eyebrow brush when I apply this.  And when it’s time to sharpen, I just visit any Shu Uemura branch.

Contouring Kit – 2012 is the year when I attended makeup classes.  It’s also the year when I learned how to contour my face.  Hence, this contour kit is a lifesaver, again makeup-wise.  Contouring creates a slimming effect on the face, such that every makeup look becomes different when contouring is done properly.  Lately, I never leave the house anymore without contouring my cheeks.

Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector – another eyebrow makeup find that I’ve grown to like.  But it’s true that this one isn’t for doing quick makeup looks.  So I reserve this whenever I do have the time to spare to do my eyebrows.

Monea Curl Defining Milk – a no-fuss hair cream that makes my curls pretty and fragrant.  The fact that it’s so affordable and easily accessible is the winning factor for it.

The Faceshop Aqua BB Cream – My always ever-reliable BB cream.  It gives sun protection, evens out my imperfections, and covers my uneven skin tone.  Set with a loose powder, I’m good to go.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Candy Apple – A lipbalm and lipstick in one, period.  It’s what I grab when I feel that my lips are dry and cracking.  The color can also be layered on to achieve a bright red hue.  It’s a lazy girl’s best friend for achieving moisturized red lips in an instant.

In2it Oil Control Powder Foundation – My new powder foundation! And I’m sticking to this brand for as long as it’s available.  It’s affordable to be used everyday, it mattifies my oilies, and it’s great over my BB cream.

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus – there are new mascara brands out there, but I always go back to this one.  Tried and tested, it never fails to give va-va-voom lashes.

Any of my makeup hits made your list, too?

Cheers to 2013 and to another year of being fabulous, smart and strong people!