Sunday, January 6, 2013

Review: MAC Glamour Dazed Lipsticks in Outrageously Fun and Dramatic Encounter

left: outrageously fun; right: dramatic encounter

Talk about two colors at the opposite side of the spectrum! Well, that’s what got me thinking when I got these two colors of lipstick from the MAC Glamour Dazed Collection.  Actually, I just bought the darker one called Dramatic Encounter because I wanted to experiment on wearing dark and violet lipsticks.  Upon first swipe on the counter, I wanted it right away.  But I also didn’t know that I was about to get the pink one called Outrageously Fun.  This one was sold to me by a friend who’s also a fellow lipstick addict (hi, Jam!).  So upon comparing the two colors, it struck me as odd that they both belong to one collection.  One appears to be innocent girly pink, while the other is vampy and bad-assed violet.  Both of them surely contradict each other in more ways than one. Nevertheless, I still love the wear they impart on me.

To go on with the review, let’s deal with the basics first.

Place Bought:  MAC stores
Price:  1100PHP each
Packaging:  It’s in the same MAC bullet tube, except that they’re shiny because both are limited editions. 
Shades:  Outrageously Fun is in a cremesheen finish.  It’s a blue-based pink but with more blue in it, making it more purple in person.   Dramatic Encounter is an amplified crème.  It’s a dark red violet color with more purple tones in it. 

Outrageously Fun

Both of them are so pigmented, given that they are MAC lipsticks.  Although different in finish and texture, they both deliver the exact color from the tube.  For Outrageously Fun, I like that it’s in a cremesheen finish, thus leaving a shiny or glossy texture on the lips upon application.  It’s also more moisturizing that way.  I like the shade, being more on the purple or lilac side.  It’s a great shade for day time wear, but I can also see pairing it with purple smoky eyes at night to bring out the purple in it.  Despite being a cremesheen finish, it actually lasts on the lips for at most 3-4 hours.  Cremesheen lipsticks are MAC’s versions of the moisturizing lipsticks, but despite being that, the color lasts a long time.  It stays put until it’s time for lunch.  Indeed, it’s not drying at all making weartime more pleasurable.

Dramatic Encounter

As for Dramatic Encounter, this color definitely exudes more drama than myself.  It’s so rich in color, very vampire or villain.  I tend to look whiter or paler when I wear this and it also certainly makes my teeth whiter.  But I do love the drama, being a dark violet color without being too scary.  Because it’s amplified crème, application can be quite tricky so better to just dab a little or use a lip brush for an even application.  I like wearing this on night outs, especially when I’m wearing black.  It fades into a dark magenta after about 4 hours of wear, so I like that it really stays on long.  Comparing it to MAC Rebel, this one applies darker and more black in comparison.  If you layer it on, you’ll find yourself sporting black lips.  I personally love layering it over my other lip colors, because the colors end up to be more intense.

 Here are more photos to show how they fare on me:

Outrageously Fun

Dramatic Encounter

Have you tried any of the MAC Glamour Dazed lipsticks?


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