Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sunblock Mousse Cream: A Preview

Hi there, beautiful people!

How's your weekend coming along?  I'm currently doing some research but I realized after much reading and taking notes that my brain just cannot take it anymore.  It's mostly technical environmental stuff, which I've never ever encountered in law school.  In fact, this research is more for engineers, but heck, I still gotta study them for work! So yeah, I'm a lawyer slash pseudo-engineer for today.  

But if I were to choose, I'd rather do some technical research on more interesting topics like makeup and skin care.  So I'm actually doin' this quick post as a break for my tired brain.  

Here's something interesting for you.  Have you tried a sunblock that applies like a powder?  Well, I have and this is really something innovative! 

One of the perks of having family members who are involved in the skin care and aesthetic industry is having access to new skin care inventions.  One of them is this sunblock cream from a brand called Reformage.  You can see from the photo above that it's in a cream formula, but is actually a mousse cream. But upon application to the skin, it transforms into a powder-like finish leaving your skin matte and non-greasy.  Very different from the sunblock or sunscreen lotions that I know of from the market, which are actually either too greasy, too oily or too dewy, even if they are so-called "non-greasy" lotions.  It actually applies with zero dewiness-effect, which means that you can apply powder on your face right away!

I'll be doing a more extensive review of this product, and will probably let you know where and how to get it.  But for the meantime, let this post be like a preview of what to come next.

Amazing product, right?


  1. Hi...any info where can i buy reformage products over the counter? I tried this product and its great...Sadly, it was only a gift from someone, so I dont have any idea where can i purchase this...thanks a lot!

  2. do you know where to buy this in the phils? pls reply back. thanks.


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