Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My 2013 Oscar's Bets

It's that time of the year - it's "awards season", baby!
I'm always excited to see how the stars fare every year, being so dressed up to the nines.  I passed posting photos of my favorites for the previous Golden Globes and SAG, but I wouldn't miss posting something about the Annual Academy Awards. 
But for this year, let's put all the focus on the stars' hair and makeup looks.  Admittedly, only quite a few stood out. 

I really dig those unconventional "cat eyes" sported by Amanda Seyfried.  Using plum and dark gray colors, it adds softness to the whole look making it complement the rest of her get up.

As for Adele, she will always be the winner for the classic winged eyeliner look. Done really black, with lots of lashes, it never fails for the red carpet look.  However, I wish she wore a different hairstyle instead. 

Talk about Barbie look, or something more apt probably is "Elle Woods" from Legally Blonde, made famous by Reese Witherspoon herself. Shiny and wavy blonde hair, complemented with blue eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick.  It actually compensated for her gown's lack of spark.

Simple. Fierce. Sexy. 'Nuff said.  You did really well, Charlize! You never fail on the fierce part.

Oh, one of the best looks of the night, Jessica Chastain.  Probably going for Jessica Rabbit instead, but she nailed it! Those red lips complement her hair color very well.  The perfect look to go with her ravishing gown.  Probably my favorite for the whole show.

And, finally, Anne Hathaway is simply gorgeous and sweet looking with those fringe.  She rocks short hair really well, makes me want to think about my own hair.  I also love the shade of her lipstick.
Obviously, the red carpet was missing some of the usual crowd favorites like Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow.  But at least, it created some room for other celebrities to standout for a change.
To cap off, here's my favorite look for the night  - Jessica Chastain in all her sexy glory:
Have a great week ahead!
*photo credits from Allure.com and Instyle.com

Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Essence's Get BIG Lashes Mascara

Whatup, yo!

Have you seen the Oscar's yet?  Did any of your bets win?  I have no serious bets for this year actually, except that I think Hugh Jackman deserves that nomination, if not the award itself.  I haven't watched Lincoln, so I can't really judge Daniel Day-Lewis's performance, although I also agree that he's a very great actor.  And oh, Anne Hathaway winning the Best Supporting Actress is not bad either.   Honestly, I'm a big Awards-show fan, only because the stars always go all out with their gowns and makeup.  Will be posting about my favorite looks soon, but for now, I have a product review for you.

Remember how I raved about this Essence brand when I went to KL? Well, good news, ladies and gents! Essence is now in the Philippines! And what a great way to spot them at SM Department Store that one time that I was shopping for a new mascara.  So yeah, I got a couple of lippies from them and this new mascara - my new obsession as of late! haha!

With the name itself, I sure am expecting some BIG performance.  Ready?


Place Bought:  SM Department Store, Mall of Asia

Price:  Php 249.00 

Packaging - it's in a BIG tube, with a BIG mascara brush to go with it.

Shade:  Black

I am amazed. Seriously. As in BIG time.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Floating Eyeliner Makeup Look

Ok, this makeup look is not about me.  I was browing through the different beauty shots from the fashion shows of deisgners for spring 2013.  This one from the Michael Kors Spring 2013 fashion show took my attention right away.
A line of either turquoise blue or  neon green, both so bright and thick, and lined just above the crease.  It was made to create an illusion of sorts to the whole face.  The whole face is made bare, with just a pile of foundation and powder, some highlighters, concealers and neatly-done eyebrows. Really, it's that simple to create.  And yet, the results are amazing.

Makeup artist Dick Page used Shisheido products and for the eyeliner, Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trios in BL 310 (Punky Blues) and GR 305 (Jungle).  It's definitely not your traditional eyeliner makeup look.  This is really something unique and the first I've seen.


When the model closes her eyes, the floating eyeliner pops out right there, making it look weird and out of place. 

But I do have to admit - the effect is instant modern, fashion-forward look.  I especially love the green one.

Pretty, yet weird.  Certainly, you can't wear this look at work, unless you're a model or a celebrity.  But I'd love to try it out one of these days.

Would you dare?

All photos from Allure.com.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Five Date-worthy Makeup Looks

It's that time of the year again, when we see red and hearts and cupids all over.  Be it in a restaurant, in the movies, at school, and even in the offices. 
So, yeah, it's what I usually dub as the "V-day".  Back in lawschool, February 14th was the day of the year when we do a lot of fundraising activities for our sorority.  We sell flowers, chocolates, and even arrange for somebody to serenade your sweetheart right in your classroom.  Basically, anything cheesy and romantic. 
For couples and singles alike, it's that night where we all choose to go out.  Be it on a romantic date, or on a singles night out.  Whichever path you choose, a girl should always look gorgeous, or in the least, "date-worthy".
Hence, what look are you going for?  Here are some ideas:

1.  Purple eyes and full lashes

Nothing spells flirty than long pretty lashes and made-up purple eyes.  Make sure to wear a complimentary lip color, like a nude lipstick, or a baby pink gloss.    The highlight here is all in the eyes, so remember to keep everything else tame.

wearing the eyeshadows in the NYX Runway Palette in Versus

2.  Full-on red lips

Oh yeah, let's stick to the classics, shall we?  Make sure to choose a shade that compliments your skin tone well. Since your lips are already bold enough, minimal eye makeup is key to achieving sexy, and not slutty, when sporting red lips. A simple cat eye would do, with mascara and neat eyebrows.

try MAC Ruby Woo

or you can try burgundy or wine lips like Anne Hathaway


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Review: Careline Lipstick in Cotton Candy

I told you I was in a lipstick phase lately.  

But for this post, it's not about MAC.  It's about this little gem I found at the grocery store while lining up at the cashier.  For a mere 100 pesos, I got myself a nice bright pink lipstick.


Place Bought:  SM Hypermart Pasig

Price:  Php 100.00

Packaging:  In a plastic white tube, with a transparent cover where you can easily see the lipstick tube inside.

Shade:  Cotton Candy - a blue-based bright pink with tiny silver glitters

What did I say about it being bright?

Well, it's almost in the same shade as my MAC Pro Long Wear lipstick in Love Forever!, except that this has shimmers in it due to the silver glitters.  Because of the glitters, there's an added shine to it, making it a bright, almost fluorescent, pink, with a glossy finish.  

Review: MAC Cosmo


Here's another MAC lipstick review.  

Yeah, you can say that I'm in a MAC lipstick phase, but the truth is that, I'm just really into a "lipstick phase", period.  I've actually accumulated quite a lot of lipsticks lately, from different brands. And since I hardly have time to blog regularly, I'm going through all of them one by one.  

First, the usuals - 


Place bought:  MAC stores at the Duty Free shops (where I get my MAC fix for cheaper)

Price:  Php 800.00

Packaging:  I don't think I have to explain. (haha)

Shade: COSMO - this is a warm brownish pink lippie in an Amplified Creme.

Most people who aren't familiar with MAC would think that this brand only have loud and bright colors.  Only the chosen few know how MAC caters to both "makeup addicts" and "makeup shy" alike.  Cosmo is an example of MAC's line of safe lipstick shades.

I love this shade.  It's a muted brownish pink, and a little on the nude side of the color spectrum.  It's the perfect shade to wear at the office, without being too pale nor too made up.  You can even wear a strong eye makeup while donning this on your lips.  But if you're after clean and work-appropriate makeup looks, then this Cosmo lippie would work great on you.  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review: MAC Snob

Hey there, pretty ladies and pretty gents!

I’ve been lagging with my blogging lately, and I only have one thing to blame – too much work!  Sometimes, on the few weekends that I’m free, I choose to just sleep and lounge around.  In fact, I dread even checking my emails because everything just kept piling up! So yeah, even my love for blogging is taking a backseat for awhile. But hey, I’m back! If not for my love of makeup and how I realize that beauty blogging is actually such a stress reliever, I wouldn’t be doin’ this post at all.

So anyway, here’s a new product review of one of my new discoveries from the permanent lines of MAC.  Have you tried this MAC Snob lipstick?

Place Bought:  MAC Counters, Duty Free
Price:  It’s cheaper at the Duty Free shops because there are no taxes, so I got this for only Php800.00.  Regular price is now at Php1,000, as far I can remember.
Packaging:  Need I explain this? (Haha!)
Shade:  Snob is a pale lavender shade, which is a bit on the warm tone side.  It’s different when it’s on the tube, when it’s swatched on the arm and when it’s on my lips.