Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My 2013 Oscar's Bets

It's that time of the year - it's "awards season", baby!
I'm always excited to see how the stars fare every year, being so dressed up to the nines.  I passed posting photos of my favorites for the previous Golden Globes and SAG, but I wouldn't miss posting something about the Annual Academy Awards. 
But for this year, let's put all the focus on the stars' hair and makeup looks.  Admittedly, only quite a few stood out. 

I really dig those unconventional "cat eyes" sported by Amanda Seyfried.  Using plum and dark gray colors, it adds softness to the whole look making it complement the rest of her get up.

As for Adele, she will always be the winner for the classic winged eyeliner look. Done really black, with lots of lashes, it never fails for the red carpet look.  However, I wish she wore a different hairstyle instead. 

Talk about Barbie look, or something more apt probably is "Elle Woods" from Legally Blonde, made famous by Reese Witherspoon herself. Shiny and wavy blonde hair, complemented with blue eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick.  It actually compensated for her gown's lack of spark.

Simple. Fierce. Sexy. 'Nuff said.  You did really well, Charlize! You never fail on the fierce part.

Oh, one of the best looks of the night, Jessica Chastain.  Probably going for Jessica Rabbit instead, but she nailed it! Those red lips complement her hair color very well.  The perfect look to go with her ravishing gown.  Probably my favorite for the whole show.

And, finally, Anne Hathaway is simply gorgeous and sweet looking with those fringe.  She rocks short hair really well, makes me want to think about my own hair.  I also love the shade of her lipstick.
Obviously, the red carpet was missing some of the usual crowd favorites like Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow.  But at least, it created some room for other celebrities to standout for a change.
To cap off, here's my favorite look for the night  - Jessica Chastain in all her sexy glory:
Have a great week ahead!
*photo credits from Allure.com and Instyle.com

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