Sunday, February 10, 2013

Review: Careline Lipstick in Cotton Candy

I told you I was in a lipstick phase lately.  

But for this post, it's not about MAC.  It's about this little gem I found at the grocery store while lining up at the cashier.  For a mere 100 pesos, I got myself a nice bright pink lipstick.


Place Bought:  SM Hypermart Pasig

Price:  Php 100.00

Packaging:  In a plastic white tube, with a transparent cover where you can easily see the lipstick tube inside.

Shade:  Cotton Candy - a blue-based bright pink with tiny silver glitters

What did I say about it being bright?

Well, it's almost in the same shade as my MAC Pro Long Wear lipstick in Love Forever!, except that this has shimmers in it due to the silver glitters.  Because of the glitters, there's an added shine to it, making it a bright, almost fluorescent, pink, with a glossy finish.  

The Careline brand is under the big local cosmetic company, Ever Bilena.    It caters more to high school and college girls that's why it's more affordable.  Given the packaging, I can imagine high school girls having this in their "kikay" kits.  The packaging may be a bit flimsy, but the product itself is more promising, let me tell you.  

I actually remember my high school self, who rarely wore any makeup except for face powder and lip gloss.  There isn't really much available locally back then. Even if there were, you can hardly find any lip colors in bright, brave, and loud shades.  High school and college babes really have more luck at this time, because of the many local and foreign cosmetic brands that are now easily available.  (Ok, that statement just revealed how old I am. hahaha)

In all fairness, this lipstick is great in terms of pigmentation and texture.  It's creamy and soft, making it easy to glide or swipe onto the lips without tugging or pulling.  Albeit a bit drying, it's nothing that a good lip balm can't fix.  It sits on the lips for about 1-3 hours, depending on your mouth activities.  

one swipe

I also like that it smells like candy, although I'm not sure if it's just because of the shade name.  But I have no problem with scented cosmetics, as long as it smells good.  Since this smells sweet, I'm okay with it, but gals who have extremely sensitive noses might not like it at all. 

So now, this got me curious about the other shades available. But for now,  I love wearing this on weekends.

 Have you tried any local brands lately?

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