Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Essence's Get BIG Lashes Mascara

Whatup, yo!

Have you seen the Oscar's yet?  Did any of your bets win?  I have no serious bets for this year actually, except that I think Hugh Jackman deserves that nomination, if not the award itself.  I haven't watched Lincoln, so I can't really judge Daniel Day-Lewis's performance, although I also agree that he's a very great actor.  And oh, Anne Hathaway winning the Best Supporting Actress is not bad either.   Honestly, I'm a big Awards-show fan, only because the stars always go all out with their gowns and makeup.  Will be posting about my favorite looks soon, but for now, I have a product review for you.

Remember how I raved about this Essence brand when I went to KL? Well, good news, ladies and gents! Essence is now in the Philippines! And what a great way to spot them at SM Department Store that one time that I was shopping for a new mascara.  So yeah, I got a couple of lippies from them and this new mascara - my new obsession as of late! haha!

With the name itself, I sure am expecting some BIG performance.  Ready?


Place Bought:  SM Department Store, Mall of Asia

Price:  Php 249.00 

Packaging - it's in a BIG tube, with a BIG mascara brush to go with it.

Shade:  Black

I am amazed. Seriously. As in BIG time.  

And I'm not just making fun of the name of this mascara.  Seriously, for such an affordable price, I didn't know it could perform really well.  I have BIG, curled, defined, and dark lashes in just about two swipes.

bare lashes

with Get BIG Lashes

The texture is nothing blah.  It applies smoothly, but it also dries easily.  So when you do the second coat, make sure to do it pronto! As in, quick! Otherwise, when the first coat dries up, it's kinda difficult to swipe another coat because the lashes become crunchy. Thus, you end up with spider web lashes. You get what I mean?  However, when you take time to coat your lashes carefully, you end up with BIG, volumized (is there such a term?) lashes.


with mascara

As for the curl effect..well, it really holds up the curls for a long time! I've tested this mascara for a whole five days, and I'm happy with it so far.  It keeps my lashes curled for a good 6-7 hours.  Meanwhile, it also creates smudges by the time you hit the 7th hour of wear.  Still, not bad for a cheap mascara right?

a closer look

As for the packaging, I dig the BIG tube so far.  It helps me find it easily.  But for the wand itself, I do find it scary so I try to use it carefully.  I usually end up with tiny smudges on my upper lid every time I apply this, but it's nothing that a good eyeliner can't fix.  As for removing it, using your trusty facial cleanser is enough. No need for fancy cleansing oils, because it can be removed easily.  

top:  bare lashes;   bottom: with mascara

So for overall, this mascara is tops for me.  There are also other variants of this from Essence, so I may actually try them all, being a lash freak myself.

So, what's your latest obsession?


  1. wahhh, thank you so much for the info!! so happy that I finally can get my hands on essence goodies =)

    1. Yipee! I also got some lippies, will post reviews of those soon. New obsession! hahaha


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