Sunday, February 10, 2013

Review: MAC Cosmo


Here's another MAC lipstick review.  

Yeah, you can say that I'm in a MAC lipstick phase, but the truth is that, I'm just really into a "lipstick phase", period.  I've actually accumulated quite a lot of lipsticks lately, from different brands. And since I hardly have time to blog regularly, I'm going through all of them one by one.  

First, the usuals - 


Place bought:  MAC stores at the Duty Free shops (where I get my MAC fix for cheaper)

Price:  Php 800.00

Packaging:  I don't think I have to explain. (haha)

Shade: COSMO - this is a warm brownish pink lippie in an Amplified Creme.

Most people who aren't familiar with MAC would think that this brand only have loud and bright colors.  Only the chosen few know how MAC caters to both "makeup addicts" and "makeup shy" alike.  Cosmo is an example of MAC's line of safe lipstick shades.

I love this shade.  It's a muted brownish pink, and a little on the nude side of the color spectrum.  It's the perfect shade to wear at the office, without being too pale nor too made up.  You can even wear a strong eye makeup while donning this on your lips.  But if you're after clean and work-appropriate makeup looks, then this Cosmo lippie would work great on you.  

Because it's in the Amplified Creme texture, it glides smoothly on the lips in just one swipe, giving off just great pigmentation.  Amplified cremes are my favorites among the MAC lipstick lines, because they give off opaque colors, are really creamy and soft, and stays on for long.  I can wear this on my lips for a good 3-4 hours, even through a cup of coffee.

Depending on the natural shade of your own lips, this shade can actually change.  But on me, it's a muted warm brown with some hints of red.  You know how brown lipsticks can sometimes be "too-80s"?  Or too old school? Well, because of the creamy texture of this lipstick and those hints of red making it appear pinkish, I can pull off wearing it without looking too boring.

For the corporate chick who's afraid of bright loud colors, here's a MAC lipstick you can sport without   looking pale.  Just add some blush, eyeliner and oh, don't forget to fix your brows, too.

Have you tried any new MAC lipsticks lately?


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