Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review: MAC Snob

Hey there, pretty ladies and pretty gents!

I’ve been lagging with my blogging lately, and I only have one thing to blame – too much work!  Sometimes, on the few weekends that I’m free, I choose to just sleep and lounge around.  In fact, I dread even checking my emails because everything just kept piling up! So yeah, even my love for blogging is taking a backseat for awhile. But hey, I’m back! If not for my love of makeup and how I realize that beauty blogging is actually such a stress reliever, I wouldn’t be doin’ this post at all.

So anyway, here’s a new product review of one of my new discoveries from the permanent lines of MAC.  Have you tried this MAC Snob lipstick?

Place Bought:  MAC Counters, Duty Free
Price:  It’s cheaper at the Duty Free shops because there are no taxes, so I got this for only Php800.00.  Regular price is now at Php1,000, as far I can remember.
Packaging:  Need I explain this? (Haha!)
Shade:  Snob is a pale lavender shade, which is a bit on the warm tone side.  It’s different when it’s on the tube, when it’s swatched on the arm and when it’s on my lips.

From my description of the shade alone, there’s much to love about this tube.  I like that I can look pale without looking dead or sick when I wear this.  It’s also great to be paired up with a nicely contoured face, strong eyebrows, and just plain mascara on the eyes.  I can describe it as my great “no makeup” lipstick.  Just see my photos in this post.

However, I can also see myself pairing it with violet or purple smoky eyes, to bring out the lavender shade of it.  It also works well when paired with pink blush.

Since it’s in a satin texture, it glides on smoothly on the lips perfectly without tugging.  One swipe gives enough color already, but layering it on will give out a nice lilac shade.

Some girls find MAC lipsticks drying, but I think it all depends on the texture or the line.  Those in the satin line, like Snob, is not actually too drying on the lips.  It just clings onto the lips, making it last for about 3 hours, even through a cup of coffee as long as you don’t lick your lips.  I don’t mind re-applying it throughout the day though, because I love how it looks on the tube. 

I think the shade works well with my skin tone, but I would have to admit that this is a very difficult shade to pull off for tanned girls.  But unless you’re goin’ for a Nicki Minaj look, make sure you pair it with nicely defined eye makeup. 

Ready to try this shade?  Head over to your nearest MAC store and play with it first, to see if you’ll love it too.

Happy weekend!


  1. The color is a perfect mlbb! I love such shades!

  2. I like the color sis! :)
    I added you up, mind to follow back?

  3. Gorgeous shade. You look great wearing Snob! :-)


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