Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review: NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Candyland


I know, I'm too late to be reviewing this product.  It's actually been out since last year.  But I had to be honest, because at first, I didn't really like it.  I have two shades actually, which are in themselves really pretty. However, the rest of the texture and performance is another story.  For this post, I'll be reviewing Candyland.


Place bought:  Eastwood tiangge, from Pretty Goddess' stall (where I get all my NYX fix)

Price:  Php300++.  (sorry, been a long time so I kinda forgot, but definitely not over Php400.)

Packaging:  It's packed like your usual lip gloss with a doe foot applicator.

Shade:  Candyland - a cool-toned light pink

The shade itself is really pretty.  It's what my usual lip color would probably look like.  Basing it on other NYX shades, it's a little close to Tea Rose, except a tad lighter.  I think even if it's blue-based, it flatters my skin tone well, granted that I match it with other complimentary shades. So shade-wise, I have no problem with it.

checkout the product description

Some beauty bloggers have said that they hate the scent it comes with.  According to some of them, it smells like plastic butter.  Although, I find it tolerable, it might indeed be a little too strong for some very sensitive noses.  But no worries because the scent disappears like after an hour, so if you can fathom that, good for you!

Here comes the clincher - the texture of the product itself.  It's creamy and soft like melted butter. You apply it like a lip gloss on your lips, and I found that letting it dry for about 15 minutes will actually make it last a lot longer on the lips.  Otherwise, if you won't wait for it to dry, it will smudge on your entire mouth.  Having a drink right after application is definitely not a pretty sight, as most of the product would just transfer on your glass or mug. So I recommend letting it dry up a bit.  It also leaves this glossy, shiny effect, as evident in the photos here.  

I've been trying to love this product so much, so I've been sporting it at work for the last couple of weeks.  Rather than thinking that it's a lip cream, I think about it like a very pigmented lip gloss.  Since it's not sticky in itself, it works that way for me.  I just apply about two dots on my lower lip, and then smack my lips together for full-on color on both lips.  That way, I won't have to stress too much about it smudging or being messy on my entire lip area every time.  And that's how I learned to let it dry up before letting anything touch my lips, to make it last longer.  So now, I can wear it for a good 3-4 hours.  

Have you tried this lip product from NYX?

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