Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No More Dark Under Eyes

Every morning at work, I always tell myself that I will go home early.  Today is not an exception.  I have - and want - to go home early today, so I can sleep early later tonight! Unfortunately, that rarely ever happens lately.  I always come home late from work.  My skin has been suffering a lot from all my overtime work hours.  And my eyes are the living proofs!

Luckily, there are wonderful products out there somewhere that make me less worried about having to sport dark under eyes everyday.  Well, at least something that would prolong that from happening.

Have you heard of the wonders of the sunflower oil?  If you've been hanging out in major beauty blogs, I'm sure you've heard of them.  I also made a post about it at one point here.  But for today, let me show you one of it's many amazing effects on skin. I use this particular bottle from my favorite Human Nature brand.

It comes in a pump bottle which makes it hygienic to use.  You can also control the amount of product to use. Usually, I do one pump every night and distribute the product between my eyes.  I apply the oil directly under my eyes and over my lids. Pretty much how you would use an eye cream.  But be aware that the oil can be a bit thick, so a little amount goes a long way.  Besides, when the oil hits your eye, it can hurt a bit so be wary!

This product doesn't just work for under eye circles, but can also be used in many different ways for the skin and hair. I know a friend who uses this for her hair and she loves it.

After many months of using this wonder oil since last year for treating the dark circles under my eyes, I can safely attest to its effectiveness! In my photo below, my eyes were bare and not wearing any makeup of sorts.  I just fixed my brows and I was good to go! 

no need for concealer!

So now, I make it  point every night to use this wonder oil.  I love it to bits and I will always sing high praises for it.

Have you tried this product from Human Nature?

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  1. im using this now also for my undereye and stretchmarks on my upper leg....so far im getting the result im expecting and will repurchase for sure!


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