Monday, August 19, 2013

Review: Essence Lipsticks in All About Cupcake and I'm a Lobstar

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I missed blogging! I can't tell you how much I missed it, it's like I haven't seen a friend for a long time.  It's quite refreshing actually, a huge break from what I usually write or do on a daily basis.  You know, work! So from now on, I really vow to post at least  every weekend.  It's not that I haven't really been into makeup and beauty lately.  I mean, I have a ton of new products waiting to have their share in the limelight.  I just really don't have the usual free time anymore. But really, I promise to update my blog more frequently.  

So starting today, here's a lipstick review from a drugstore brand that just came into our shores - Essence!  I remember posting about it at the time I went to Malaysia.  I raved about how great their products were and I wished someone would bring the brand here.  I guess somebody heard my wishful thinking, so now, Essence is here! You can find their products at any SM department store's Beauty section.  And because the products are so affordable, you will go crazy trying to choose which ones to buy at one go!  

I already posted about one of their mascaras and lipsticks.  And since I really love their lipsticks so much, I got two more shades!


Place bought: SM Megamall,  Beauty Section
Price:  Php 149.00 for a pretty tube.
Packaging:  the lipsticks are encased in a plastic tube, in the same shade of the lipstick.  It has a tiny transparent part, where you can see the actual product.
Shades:  I got two! All about Cupcake is a pretty pale pink in a warm tone.  Meanwhile, I'm a Lobstar is a bright orange shade with lots of silver glitter.

If you  like sheer lipsticks in a light formula, these are your bets!  From the swatches here, you'll see that these aren't your usual pigmented lipsticks.  They apply light, sheer and glossy.  It's like a lipgloss that came in a tube.  So don't be deceived by the bright colors, especially of I'm a Lobstar, because the orange doesn't show except if you really pile it on.

All About Cupcake
This shade, All About Cupcake, has been raved in the beauty blogging world.  I didn't know that when I purchased this, but when I googled about it, that's when I found out that it has become a favorite.  Maybe it's because of the creamy texture, and how the shade flatters almost any skin tone. Personally, I love how the pale pink shade looks on me.

 Ain't it pretty?  You'll notice how it looks different on the tube and when worn on the lips.  I guess that's why it's a hit, because the shade varies depending on the shade of your natural lips.

I'm a Lobstar
As for I'm a Lobstar, I got hooked on it immediately when I opened the tube.  It's a unique shade for a lipstick, yet it's not as bright as when you apply it.  You know how I love glitters on my lips, so I guess this one's a no-brainer.

Again, the shade is different on the tube and when worn on the lips. It's amazing how it changes!

Wear time is about two hours, or until your next drink or meal.  They also smell like candies, which is a plus for me, but if you don't like fragrant cosmetics, then the scent might turn you off.

What I really like about these is that they're super moisturizing.  They don't dry the lips at all.  On days when I feel that my lips are extra dry, but I also wanted some shine and color on my lips, these are the ones I grab. I don't mind applying every so often, because I really like how they smell.  

Maybe the packaging could be improved a bit, because the plastic tubes can break easily if you're clumsy.  But other than that, aside from being so affordable, I really like the wear of these.

Here are swatches on my hand to show how sheer they are:

left: I'm a Lobstar;  right: All About Cupcake

Have you tried any Essence product yet?

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