Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: Alba Botanica Deep Sea Facial Mask

Aloha on a Monday! How are you all feeling today? It's the last day of September!

I'm kinda nursing a headache today, and I think I'm goin down with a flu (hopefully not!).  So I just stayed at home today.  I feel like such an adult for taking a leave from work today, because I actually feel guilty about it since I've got a deadline for today.  But this freakin' headache is just killin' me! So anyways, just to kill the boredom and the guilt, might as well do some blogging.

For today, I'm gonna be raving about this new facial mask that I discovered from Healthy Options recently.

Place bought:  Healthy Options store at Bonifacio Global City
Price: I honestly forgot, but it's around Php200-300, I'm sure!
Packaging:  It's in a light green, big, fat, plastic, and squeezable tube.

I'm a sucker for anything that's easy and quick to use, so when I saw the directions on how to use this facial mask, I grabbed it right away.  And it's not so bad that it doesn't cost too much as well. Plus, it's paraben-free, hypo-allergenic, and made with 100% vegetarian ingredients.  (Translation: it means it's made of the good stuff.)

sorry for the messy tube, just shows how I regularly use it. hehe.

It's a clay mask that comes in a pasty white texture.  You just need to use a about coin-sized amount all over the face.  The application doesn't have to be too thick, as in fact, a thin layer on the face works perfectly fine.
What I really love about this is that you only have to wait for five, yes, FIVE WHOLE MINUTES, for it to dry on your face and then you can wash it off right away!

So quick, so easy, and so effective!  It's a clay mask so it works well for oily skins and goes deep into the pores to "gently draw out the impurities", or so it says on the tube.  

On weekends when I'm in the mood, I use this for my "mini-DIY-facial".  After thoroughly cleansing the face, I just apply this all over the face until my neck.  I let it stay on while I brush my teeth - or while I watch a couple of advertisements on TV - or while browsing the internet.  Right after it dries for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES, I gently wash it off my face and then follow with my usual toner and moisturizer. It's so quick, I can actually do the whole routine in less than an hour!

Indeed, one of my great buys from Healthy Options, along with the yummy chocolate bars I always buy from that store.  I hope they won't pull this out from the stores, though. 

Hey, what skincare product are you raving about recently? Do share! 

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