Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: NYX Slim Eye Pencils in Electric Blue and Bronze Glitter


It's been a rainy Sunday here in Metro Manila.  And in my part of the metro, dark skies were looming all day.  Such a gloomy day, alright.  Nevertheless, that didn't stop me from goin' out to my nearby coffee shop to do some work.  Yeah, I know, how boring right?

But because I just finished draining my brain juices in drafting two contracts, it's time for something fun!  Let's get on it!

Place Bought: Pure Beauty store in Serendra, Bonifacio Global City
Price:  I got these on sale.  I got two eye pencils for the price of one, which was Php245.00.
Packaging:  Just a simple eye pencil, nothing fancy.
Shades: Electric Blue - This is a bright blue opaque shade.
             Bronze Glitter - This is light bronze with shimmers.

As you know, if you've been reading my posts lately, I'm in a liner phase.  I can't bear not going out of the house without doing my eyes.  Forget about eyeshadows and contouring 'cause I'm all about heavy eyeliners, girl!

So in this makeup phase that I'm in right now (I'm sure you get what I mean if you're a beauty addict like me! haha!), I wanted to try all sorts of liners out there.  Also, I had to rummage on my makeup drawers and search for the best ones I have.  Sadly though, these two liners that I got for sale just didn't make it to my list.

Well, I've been trying (really!) to make them work for me since I got them.  Both of them are beautiful shades in their own way, but the wear time and the consistency? They flunk big time!

First off, just look at the packaging.  It says "eye/eyebrow pencil".  Okay, maybe the bronze pencil can pass off as eyebrow pencil, but the blue liner? I don't think so.  

On its own, the electric blue pencil is really a pretty shade.  It's like neon blue and it's supposed to be bright on the lids.  As pretty as it looks in the swatch here, the same shade just doesn't show on my eyelids.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong in applying it, but it's just a simple eye pencil. How complicated can it get?  It's too hard to swipe over the lids, so I had to warm it up at bit.  And when you glide it on, the blue just doesn't show at all.  Well, not as how it should be here on my swatch. And the tugging, oh man! If an eye pencil hurts your eyelids too much, then it's not good at all! 

As for the bronze pencil, this one is at least promising.  It glides on smoothly over the eyelids without tugging too much.  The same shade is shown on your lids and yes, it's a pretty shade.  I use it over the inner corners of my eyes, sometimes on my lower lashlines. The problem though lies in its wearability.  It only lasts for two hours tops!  And then, it disappears entirely. 

Oh well, I'm glad I got them on sale.  Otherwise, I'd be sad for having to spend almost 500pesos  for these bummer pencils.

Yeah, bummer.  If you happen to like these pencils, then lucky you.  Maybe I got dupes or something, but I won't be buying these eye pencils from NYX anymore. Sigh.  I'm better off with the local eye pencils that we have in drugstores.  At least, those perform way better and lasts way longer.

Hope you're having a fun Sunday and good luck for the rest of the week.


  1. nice colors perfect as base and eyeliner.

  2. Never tried NYX eyeliners but I love their LIPLINERS! :)

  3. Hi! :) I just nominated you at Liebster award! I had fun trying it out and would like you to enjoy it as well. You may visit my post to know more about it:

    More power and God speed!

  4. awesome pigmentation..

  5. Maybe that's why they were on sale? Because no one's buying them because they're not good? Good thing you didn't pay for the full price. :)
    Dawn |


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