Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: A Nameless Eyebrow Powder

Hi, everyone!

How's everyone enjoying their weekday off?  Since I'm just chillin' out at home, I decided to update this blog.  So for today, I have a review for you and it's all about this eyebrow powder I discovered in the newly-opened Suesh store in SM Megamall.

Like I said in my blog post title, it's a nameless and brandless eyebrow powder. The only information I have about it are the ingredients at the back and that it's made from Canada.  It came in a box, too.  Actually, these are sold in many variable shades like gray, light brown, ash brown, and this chocolate brown shade which I got.  But before I move on, let's see the basics....

Place Bought:  Suesh Store, SM Megamall (You gotta visit this place! Aside from their wide array of makeup brushes, they also have many professional makeup tools and makeup products.)
Price:  Php495.00 (yeah, pretty expensive for a brandless product, but since it's 3g, it should be worth it.)
Packaging:  It came in a box, and the product is housed in a basic circular pot, like most eyeshadow powders. But it's big, it has 3g of powder in it.
Shade:  I got the shade Walnut - which is a basic chocolate or dark brown shade.

As you can see from the photos, the powder is a bit flaky.  But there's no problem to that, it just means that the powder is soft enough to be swiped by an eyebrow brush.  However, it may appear dark brown on the pot itself, but when swatched on my hand using a brush, the color do not really transfer well.  It appears light or ash brown, so I had problem about the shade at first.  But the SA quickly told me that the shade is buildable and applies better on the brows.  I had some doubts with me but since I was really in need of a new eyebrow powder, I decided to get it thinking that it came from a professional makeup artist's store so it should be good.

So I began applying it everyday using my basic eyebrow brush.  At first, it was difficult to work with it because it doesn't apply as pigmented as I wanted it to be.  But then, I kinda got the hang of it being buildable and all. Later on, I discovered that I can apply it in two ways - either go really dark, or go light.  On days when I want soft browns on my brows, this is what I use.  But when I wanted to dark, I use this together with a darker colored eyebrow pencil.

on my brows

 I just wish it had a name with it. The SAs at the store can't seem to know, although they do really have a ton of other brandless products in there. But knowing that it sells really nice makeup tools, it should also mean that they sell really great makeup products as well, right?  For now, I'm quite satisfied with this eyebrow powder. It could be better and I know I can find better powders out there, but for now, this would do. Anyways, I will let my photos do the talking. But do tell me your thoughts.

I have to admit, it's pretty anazing how light it can be on my swatches, yet dark on the brows.  But hey, it works!

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