Friday, April 18, 2014

My Latest Skincare Products

Hello there! It's a long weekend and I had one extremely long day today,too! I drove all the way to Subic (my kinda hometown) and got stuck at NLEX for two hours! The traffic jam was so heavy, it looked like a parking lot. But what ticks me is that it's not supposed to be like that! Oh well, welcome to Holy Weekend. HAHA!

Anyways, now that I'm safely home at my Papa's house, it's time to relax and dig some beauty fix. Today's post is all about these two products that's becoming a staple in my beauty regimen.

First, you oughtta know that early this year when we were having cold weather, I underwent "chemical peeling". My face was utterly scary and "scaly" for a whole week. The second day looked like this:

And then went on to peel some more:

I felt horrible the whole time not only because my face felt so itchy and dry, but also because I was forced to go to work "barefaced"! I can only do my brows and lips. I looked freaky!

After the whole process, I knew it was worth it because my face was really soft and smooth right after. However, it also turned sensitive that I get itchiness and redness using my usual face products. I began to use mild cleansers like Cetaphil. I can't use moisturizers and I break out using some BB creams. So, it was time to change products.

Luckily, I wasn't reacting to Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner which I have been using for months already. So I was happy to find out that they also have a facial cleanser similar to Cetaphil, but cheaper.

So far, I'm liking the results. Less oily, smaller pores, clearer and smoother skin. I also feel moisturized everytime.

If you wanna give them a try, visit a Healthy Options store.

Till next!

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