Monday, June 16, 2014

Review: Canmake's Gokumori Mascara

OMG!  It's already June! We're almost done with the second quarter of 2014 and this is still one of my earlier posts for this year. Waah! I can't keep up!

Oh least now, I've got time to do a quick post about my thoughts on this new mascara I'm currently obsessing over.  Have you heard of this Japanese makeup brand called "Canmake"? It's a Japanese drugstore brand that carry all sorts of makeup products in very cute "kawaii" packaging.  

They're also affordable, yet work really well.  Luckily for us Pinays, Canmake is now very accessible - thanks to Somera's boutique in Glorietta.  That's where I got to take a closer look on the products. 

So anyways, I got this Gokumori mascara. I actually tried to "google" the term "Gokumori" but I always ended up with Canmake's website and description on this mascara.  So I guess the term is pretty much synonymous to this mascara? Upon reading the description on the website, I think it means "super busy lashes".  And you know what? I think the term is actually quite literal.

But, first the facts:

Place bought: Somera boutique, Glorietta 2, Makati
Price:  Php600+
Packaging: in a pink fat tube
Shade: Black

Okay, so far, I've got three sentences or phrases to describe this mascara.

1.  It curls!  

Of course, you still got to use your lash curler before applying to your lashes.  But after that, it's like the mascara makes each lash curl some more and stay like that forever!

Here's my bare lashes for reference:

And here's how it became "Gokumori"!

2.  It stays!  

When I say stay, I meant forever! Well, at least until you wash your face.  It's a film-like mascara so it latches on to each lash strand like glue.  I wore it during the most humid days of summer, and I had no worries about having racoon or panda eyes for the rest of the day! 

But you know what else? Even if it stays on for hours, it's not a pain to remove, unlike some mascaras we know.  I just use my usual facial cleanser and the film or strips of mascara just come off easily.  Of course, using a regular eye makeup remover will make the task easier. But still, it's not too difficult to remove at all!

3.  It's amazing!

I love, love, love the effect on my lashes! Just look at how it brightened my eyes.  I like the busy lashes look, too, because it gives the effect of volume! 

I guess that's pretty much everything I have to say.  I super love this mascara, it's my new favorite! Having said that, I will try the other Canmake mascaras soon and will keep you guys posted.

Have a happy week ahead!

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