Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review: Essence's Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow in Coppy Right

What's up, Madlang People!

Sorry, been watching too much TV lately.  I've been spending my days just lounging around the house, either watching TV, reading a book, blogging, or just being lazy.  Honestly, after months of being a constant workaholic and always being out of the house, I can say that I'm loving this kind of life. Yeah, there are the occasional job hunting chores, which include going to interviews, and sometimes, I also meet up with some friends over lunch or dinner, but I would rather spend the whole day locked up in our condo unit.  Alone. Well, at least, for now.

Meanwhile, I'm happily enjoying blogging ever since I got free time.  So, with that, here's another review of a drugstore find.  This time, it's for the eyes.

Let's see...

Place bought: Watson's Store, SM Aura
Price: around 399.00 
Packaging: In a small round plastic pot.
Shade: Coppy Right - I guess, it's a metallic light brown.  Metallic in terms of the shimmer and not because of glitters.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Review: In2it's Moisture Intense Lipstick in Cognac

Wearing Cognac on my lippie

Yo! It’s Halloween week and what’re you up to? Are you dressin’ up to party or just chillin’ around the house? As for me, there are no plans yet but for sure, we would be visiting my Mama’s grave this weekend to pay our respects. 

So anyway for today, I’ve got a lipstick review.  It’s been a long while since I made this and I’m excited to show you one of my drugstore finds this year. 

Let’s go to the details quickly:

Place bought: In2it stall in Watson’s, SM Megamall
Price: I think it’s around Php379.00++.
Packaging: The lipstick is housed in a silver, monochrome case, with the shade name at the bottom of it.
Shade: Cognac – a warm reddish brown shade, that looks a bit red-orange when under sunlight.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

N.Cat is now in Manila

Hi, there, buddies!

As I'm back to blogging, I can't believe I already got an invite to an event.  #I'msolucky! 

What is it? Well, it's the opening of N.Cat here in the Philippines! N.Cat stands for "Naughty Cat" and it's the number one accessories store and brand in Korea! The brand had been around since 1991 and they specialize in cute accessories for very affordable prices. How come I didn't see a single store when I was in Seoul?

Anyway, nonetheless, at least I'm not missing out much because I got to see their first store here in our country.  It's located at Park Square, Makati, inside the Japan Home store.  You won't miss it at all because of it's bright pink sign, I promise!

So what's inside? Let's go take a peek!

They got cute pouches or makeup kits

fancy Iphone cases

Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: LORAC PRO Powder Cheek Stain in Petal Pink

What's up, girls and guys!

I have something pretty pink for you today, and it's been kinda my favorite "blush of the moment" - Lorac's PRO Powder Cheek Stain in Petal Pink.   So, how can a powder blush be a stain?

Wearing Petal Pink during my Korean trip

Before I go on, here's a quick info:


Place bought: I actually ordered this online via  
Price: $20.00, or around Php900-1000.
Packaging: It came in a box, but the actual product is in a small blush compact.
Shade: Petal Pink - it's a cool toned pink

Lately, I've been into sheer and natural-looking makeup.  Or what we usually call the "no-makeup" makeup looks.  I like things to be light, just right, clean, and pretty, without being too overwhelming. I'm currently lovin' makeup looks that highlight the skin more than the colors on the face. You know, dewy, glowing and bright skin, luscious light pink lips, shimmery eyelids, and glowing cheeks.  And this blush is perfect for those looks!

Review: Pigeon Baby Compact Powder in Beige

Hellowee!! It's Friday!
Wow, another new post from me! 

Today, it's all about giving some lovin' to my new favorite blotting powder which I actually randomly found at the Somera boutique in Glorietta while checking out the Canmake products there.  Yep, totally random! I had no plans of buying anything on that day and only wanted to checkout the pretty makeup of Canmake.  

But then, while I was checkin' out the rest of the stuff at the store, I saw this Pigeon compact powder. I knew I've heard - or read - about it somewhere so I grabbed it to check.  So to make the long story short, since it was also so affordable and I'm in need of a new pressed powder (seriously, I needed one!), I went home with it.

So, how did it fare? First, let's see some specs...

Place bought: Somera boutique, Glorietta 2, Makati
Price: around Php299.75 I think.
Packaging:  It came with a box, and the compact is a shiny white oval shape that is so small, it can easily fit into your jeans' pocket. It also came with its own powder puff.
Shade: It had four shades, based on my research - Beige, Pink/Ivory, White and Brown. But at the store, there were only Beige and Pink, so I got Beige because it was more yellow in shade.

Based on what I found on the net, the original product was actually meant for babies alone and only came in one shade: white. It had two variants - one made in Japan and one made in Indonesia. Apparently, the one made in Japan is the better product, and I think what I got here is the one from Indonesia. Nevertheless, it had good raves in the beauty blogging world.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: Canmake's Perfect Serum BB Cream

So...I'm back! 

Actually, here's a life update: I had just resigned from my previous job and am now actively looking for new opportunities. In the meantime, that meant more free time and more blogging time, which is always a welcome break for me.  And so, I'm so excited to upload posts because I got tons of new product reviews to share with you all. So to get this going, here's a new product review for you: Canmake's Perfect Serum BB Cream.  

Let's get to the details first.


Place bought: Somera boutique in Glorietta 2
Price: Around 600++ pesos
Packaging: it's in a cute pink metallic tube.
Shade: There are two shades: Light and Natural.  I got Natural because it's closer to my skin tone, even if it's still light for my own shade.

It says that it has 21 beauty ingredients that care for the skin. I got this from Canmake's website:

Contains 21 types of beautifying and moisturizing ingredients ♥
Hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramides, royal jelly extract, witch-hazel extract, arbutin, Job's tears extract, 
Saxifraga stolonifera extract, aloe vera extract, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, artichoke leaf extract, cherry leaf extract, 
prune resolvent, seaweed extract, soybean extract, glycosyl trehalose, gingko extract, peach leaf extract, 
hydrolyzed silk, European white birch bark extract, multiflora rosehip extract

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bridal Makeup Looks

(Welcome to my comeback!! I'm back to blogging! Wee!!)

Well, it’s not a secret that beauty bloggers also wish to become makeup artists someday.  I, for one, have my goals set for next year to officially enroll in a makeup school and formally pursue that career.  As a makeup artist, the most common clients to have are brides for wedding makeup looks. Now if I were a real makeup artist, I would really be blessed and lucky to be part of every bride’s dream wedding. Imagine being one of the first persons to view and see the wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses.  Of course, this part is actually key to be able to come up with matching bridal makeup looks.

There’s this website called which focuses on all things about weddings, including planning your own wedding.  I am lucky enough to be contacted by for me to be able to show what I can do in terms of bridal makeup even if I’m just a mere beauty blogger.   They sent me these three beautiful wedding gowns and I’m supposed to come up with makeup looks for each one of them.  Unfortunately, my face is undergoing a peeling treatment right now, so I can’t really use my own face.  But I will try my best to describe the looks and at most, show you the products I would use. 

Are you ready?

Here goes…

Sweet and Classy

Notice that the gown is so simple, if not for the sweetheart neckline and lace bodice.  For a gown like this, I imagine the girl to be the typical sweet and classy type. She probably wants her makeup to be clean and simple.  Hence, I will just simply enhance her eyes in a soft bronze smokey eye look, add some full fake lashes, and maybe a thin line of eyeliner.  

The face has to be really flawless, smooth and as if she’s glowing from within.  Concealer is also a useful product in making sure that her under eye and uneven skin blemishes are fully covered.  Lastly, her lips would be a nice neutral shade with some hints of pink, like MAC’s Cosmo.