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Bridal Makeup Looks

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Well, it’s not a secret that beauty bloggers also wish to become makeup artists someday.  I, for one, have my goals set for next year to officially enroll in a makeup school and formally pursue that career.  As a makeup artist, the most common clients to have are brides for wedding makeup looks. Now if I were a real makeup artist, I would really be blessed and lucky to be part of every bride’s dream wedding. Imagine being one of the first persons to view and see the wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses.  Of course, this part is actually key to be able to come up with matching bridal makeup looks.

There’s this website called which focuses on all things about weddings, including planning your own wedding.  I am lucky enough to be contacted by for me to be able to show what I can do in terms of bridal makeup even if I’m just a mere beauty blogger.   They sent me these three beautiful wedding gowns and I’m supposed to come up with makeup looks for each one of them.  Unfortunately, my face is undergoing a peeling treatment right now, so I can’t really use my own face.  But I will try my best to describe the looks and at most, show you the products I would use. 

Are you ready?

Here goes…

Sweet and Classy

Notice that the gown is so simple, if not for the sweetheart neckline and lace bodice.  For a gown like this, I imagine the girl to be the typical sweet and classy type. She probably wants her makeup to be clean and simple.  Hence, I will just simply enhance her eyes in a soft bronze smokey eye look, add some full fake lashes, and maybe a thin line of eyeliner.  

The face has to be really flawless, smooth and as if she’s glowing from within.  Concealer is also a useful product in making sure that her under eye and uneven skin blemishes are fully covered.  Lastly, her lips would be a nice neutral shade with some hints of pink, like MAC’s Cosmo.

Pretty in Pink

Who doesn’t love a hint of some pink or lilac in her wedding gown?  This girl is probably the fun, quirky and cute type.  She wants to make a statement, but want that statement to be subtle and cute.  I really love that hint of lilac in her gown.  If it were my own wedding gown, I would probably do the same, except the color would be more pink or maybe red.  How cute, right?

So let’s see, how about a cute shade of pink lipstick like MAC’s Chatterbox. Nothing too bright nor too shiny nor too loud.  Then I would make sure that as per usual, the skin is smooth and glowing, then I would top it off with two layers of pink powder blush on the apples of her cheeks, like this one from Lorac.  Talk about a blushing bride! And oh, her eyes had to make an impact, too…so maybe some brown or neutral toned eyeshadows. A transluscent powder, like the one from Essence, would help to mattify and fix every product in place. Even this brightening powder from MAC’s Marilyn Monroe collection would also help give that glow from within.  I especially love using it under my eyes, to have that effect of bright skin.

Bold and Dramatic

Now, this girl really wants to make a dramatic statement. She exudes glamour and style the moment that she walks down the aisle.  And of course, her makeup has to match that aura of drama.

So, I’m thinking red lipstick all the way, but something with a matte finish to keep it classy.  No need for eyeshadows, just a really thick winged eyeliner look using a gel liner, and full fake lashes. Then, just a bit of pink powder blush on her cheeks to give a little glow on her skin. To frame her whole face, strong eyebrows should be the final touch.  Ain’t she hot?

So what’s your idea of a bridal makeup look?

Do visit the website to see everything you need to know about planning a wedding, including your own wedding makeup looks.

Oh, and as I'm back to blogging, please do expect a few new posts soon.
Have a happy week ahead!

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