Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: Canmake's Perfect Serum BB Cream

So...I'm back! 

Actually, here's a life update: I had just resigned from my previous job and am now actively looking for new opportunities. In the meantime, that meant more free time and more blogging time, which is always a welcome break for me.  And so, I'm so excited to upload posts because I got tons of new product reviews to share with you all. So to get this going, here's a new product review for you: Canmake's Perfect Serum BB Cream.  

Let's get to the details first.


Place bought: Somera boutique in Glorietta 2
Price: Around 600++ pesos
Packaging: it's in a cute pink metallic tube.
Shade: There are two shades: Light and Natural.  I got Natural because it's closer to my skin tone, even if it's still light for my own shade.

It says that it has 21 beauty ingredients that care for the skin. I got this from Canmake's website:

Contains 21 types of beautifying and moisturizing ingredients ♥
Hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramides, royal jelly extract, witch-hazel extract, arbutin, Job's tears extract, 
Saxifraga stolonifera extract, aloe vera extract, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, artichoke leaf extract, cherry leaf extract, 
prune resolvent, seaweed extract, soybean extract, glycosyl trehalose, gingko extract, peach leaf extract, 
hydrolyzed silk, European white birch bark extract, multiflora rosehip extract

First, I really love the packaging, very "kawaii" (if that's even a word, hehe).  Anything pink and pretty and I'm all for it.  Also, I like that it's actually affordable given that it's imported all the way from Japan.  Being a drugstore makeup brand, I'm glad that the people who brought it here in the Philippines didn't really mark up the price. 

If you want full coverage and superior sun protection from a BB cream without having to spend a lot, this is a sure bet.  I really love how it covers everything, it's like a full-on liquid foundation, except that it's a BB cream.  The cream is actually a bit thick, but it's not difficult to blend onto the skin and it doesn't feel heavy at all. I usually use a brush to blend it, but using your fingers would achieve the same effect.  In addition to that, there's also no need for a separate concealer for my under eyes, because the BB cream takes care of that, too.

Of course, like all BB creams or foundations, a finishing powder should be always be added to make it last longer on the skin.  Personally, I use my In2it powder foundation over this BB cream to achieve that full on flawless and poreless look. Sometimes, I would use a loose powder over it.  

And because it had SPF 50, I love it all the more! No need for a separate sunblock cream anymore. 

During my recent trip to Seoul, Korea, the land of BB creams, this is the product that I brought along with me.  And because they really had good autumn weather at this time of the year, I had no problem being sticky or sweaty, or worrying about my face makeup going all gooey on me.  It lasted the whole day, even into the night, during our travel.  Similarly, in an airconditioned environment, it would also last on the skin for the whole day, with only minimal touch ups.  Here are some beauty shots I took during my Korean trip just last month, using Canmake's Perfect Serum BB Cream:

can I say #nofilter? 

Our Hanbok experience, with me feeling like a Korean princess

In sum, I really think this is a good BB cream for its price.  High SPF, full coverage and affordable price - what's not to like?

Finally, Canmake is also now available at the Pure Beauty store in Serendra.  Check out their products to learn more about Canmake.

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