Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review: Essence's Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow in Coppy Right

What's up, Madlang People!

Sorry, been watching too much TV lately.  I've been spending my days just lounging around the house, either watching TV, reading a book, blogging, or just being lazy.  Honestly, after months of being a constant workaholic and always being out of the house, I can say that I'm loving this kind of life. Yeah, there are the occasional job hunting chores, which include going to interviews, and sometimes, I also meet up with some friends over lunch or dinner, but I would rather spend the whole day locked up in our condo unit.  Alone. Well, at least, for now.

Meanwhile, I'm happily enjoying blogging ever since I got free time.  So, with that, here's another review of a drugstore find.  This time, it's for the eyes.

Let's see...

Place bought: Watson's Store, SM Aura
Price: around 399.00 
Packaging: In a small round plastic pot.
Shade: Coppy Right - I guess, it's a metallic light brown.  Metallic in terms of the shimmer and not because of glitters.

So, let's say, you woke up later than usual and you only have 30 minutes to spare before goin' to work, or to school.  That meant, no time for breakfast, but maybe just a bit more minutes to prepare your face after shower before rushing out the door.  "A bit more minutes" would actually translate to just a mere five minutes. 

Ohmigod, pressure!!

Here's what you should do: (1) apply your usual BB Cream with SPF, or even your plain old sunblock; (2) brush loose powder all over your face afterwards ["all over" includes your under eyes,  the corners of the nose and lips, and your eyelids]; (3) groom your brows; and (4) apply a cream eyeshadow, like this Essence's Stay All Day in Coppy Right, on your lids. 

You won't go wrong with this one as the shade is neutral enough to match any of your lipstick colors, plus it's also office-appropriate.  Never mind that it's metallic, nobody would really notice it unless they look at your face closely.  Besides, the metallic sheen gives off texture, as if you exerted effort this morning to do your eyes, when the truth is, there's only one shade.  Also, this is perfect for your clumsy hands struggling to hurry in the morning, as you just apply it using your fingers! Although, a brush would be better to blend it all the more as it kinda clumps up sometimes, but hey, your fingers are good enough for now.  Just blend, blend and blend! Don't worry, those blending will actually make the product last longer on your lids, in fact as the name suggests, it really does "stays all day"!

Finally, on your way out the door, don't forget to put on some gloss.  Or just apply it in the car or in the MRT, while on your way to your destination.

And that's it! You're ready to conquer another day at the office, or in school.  Your makeup is all done in just five minutes - all thanks to me, of course! Haha, just kidding!

Ready to face the day!

In other news, Halloween is coming tomorrow, are you ready? Have a happy one and don't get spooked!

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