Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: Pigeon Baby Compact Powder in Beige

Hellowee!! It's Friday!
Wow, another new post from me! 

Today, it's all about giving some lovin' to my new favorite blotting powder which I actually randomly found at the Somera boutique in Glorietta while checking out the Canmake products there.  Yep, totally random! I had no plans of buying anything on that day and only wanted to checkout the pretty makeup of Canmake.  

But then, while I was checkin' out the rest of the stuff at the store, I saw this Pigeon compact powder. I knew I've heard - or read - about it somewhere so I grabbed it to check.  So to make the long story short, since it was also so affordable and I'm in need of a new pressed powder (seriously, I needed one!), I went home with it.

So, how did it fare? First, let's see some specs...

Place bought: Somera boutique, Glorietta 2, Makati
Price: around Php299.75 I think.
Packaging:  It came with a box, and the compact is a shiny white oval shape that is so small, it can easily fit into your jeans' pocket. It also came with its own powder puff.
Shade: It had four shades, based on my research - Beige, Pink/Ivory, White and Brown. But at the store, there were only Beige and Pink, so I got Beige because it was more yellow in shade.

Based on what I found on the net, the original product was actually meant for babies alone and only came in one shade: white. It had two variants - one made in Japan and one made in Indonesia. Apparently, the one made in Japan is the better product, and I think what I got here is the one from Indonesia. Nevertheless, it had good raves in the beauty blogging world.

Okay, since it's supposed to be a pressed baby powder, it actually smells like baby powder.  Always a plus for me! And since it's a baby powder, it's meant for all skin types, even for those with sensitive skin.  It's supposedly non-comedogenic and allergy-free.  So far, I haven't experienced any breakouts from the two months that I've been using it, so that should be good.

Personally, I think it's a great powder for touch-ups.  The powder is so fine, yet also sheer.  It's not meant to cover your blemishes at all, so I don't advise using it over your BB creams or foundations. Instead, it works more like a translucent powder which is meant to keep oil at bay and leave your skin "mattified".  

I apply it using the puff that it came with, because I found that it's easier that way instead of my usual powder brush.  The puff tends to get more product and distributes it better onto the skin evenly. Think MAC Blot powder, only that it's way cheaper.  That's how I use it and how I see it.  Also, it's great for travel because it's so small and handy.  It stays for a good three to four hours on the skin, so that should be fair enough.  

So far, it works as a great blotting powder for me, plus it keeps me smelling fresh, so I'm all good. It's what I currently have in my purse for quick touch ups to keep my face from being shiny and oily.   To end, here's a selfie with the powder used as a finishing touch on my makeup look. 

Happy weekend!

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