Monday, November 17, 2014

Review: Essence's Gel Liner in Miami's Ink

Eyeliners can either break or make your whole makeup look.  It usually completes your eye makeup, whatever shade you use.   Sometimes, on lazy days, wearing eyeliner alone will help enhance your eyes and distinguish it from your "wake-up" look. 

However, come the Holidays, you would want something fancier.  You know, something more than the usual range of black or brown shades.  Here's where this gel liner from Essence comes in.

Let's go to the specs, shall we?

Place bought: Essence stall at Watson's, SM Aura
Price: I think around Php300++.
Packaging: It's a gray glass pot.
Shade: Miami's Ink - it's a metallic or shimmery gray. 

Gray eyeliner? How about a shimmery and shiny eyeliner in "fifty shades" of gray?

Paired with neutral eyeshadow shades, I think this gel liner exudes class and elegance when worn. It gives that right amount of sparkle in your peepers when light hits it. So imagine how it would look like when you're in a party scene.  

on my upper lids
However, gray is very versatile that I think you can still pull off wearing it on your regular days. Just remember to pair it with matte shades to tone down the shimmer.

Essence gel liners are actually known to withstand the test of time.  Simply put, it stays on for as long as you're wearing it.  The dry texture of the gel in the pot can be difficult to work with as it kinda clumps on your eyeliner brush.  But using your best blending techniques, it turns out really pretty.  Despite the staying power, it's easy to remove using any regular eye makeup removers.

It's plain gray without any light hitting it, but the sparkles ignite once sunlight or light hits it.  I really love how it looks on the skin. I've been actually wearing it instead of my usual dark brown eyeliners because I just think it actually looks way better.  It's different from the usual dark eyeliners, but instead enhances glossy, sparkly eyelids.  Here's a full makeup look to show you:

So...that's it for now.  I hope Monday is treating you well.

Have a happy week!

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