Monday, November 3, 2014

Review: Happy Skin's Shut Up & Kiss Me Lip & Cheek Mousse in Swept Off My Feet

Good day, y'all! How's Monday buggin' you so far?

I've been quite busy, too, despite having to stay at home.  I did my laundry, did some cleaning, and finally, after lunch, did some photo shoots while the sun was still up.  I hope yours turned out to be more interesting though.  

Saturday makeup look: wearing Happy Skin's Lip & Cheek Mousse on my cheeks and lips

Anyhoo, I know most of you have heard of Happy Skin Cosmetics.  It's a local makeup brand that's been making good raves since last year.  They have nice lippie shades, in fact, I think some of them are great dupes of some more expensive brands. Since their launch last year, they introduced many new products already, and upon having celebrated their first year anniversary, they now have an almost complete set of makeup products.  

So for today, I'm here to tell you about their Lip & Cheek Mousse in the shade "Swept Off My Feet".
Let's see the specs...

Place bought:  Beauty Bar, Greenbelt 5
Price: Php699
Packaging: In a sleek transparent tube which actually shows the product inside. Oh, it also came with a box.
Shade: Swept Off My Feet - which is actually a warm muted pink shade, a little on the rosy side. I can't really describe the color, so let's just have the photos speak for themselves.

I think I have a new favorite cheek tint.  No, seriously, I use this more as a cheek tint or a "cheek mousse" than a lip color. The texture is really soft, like really a mousse, such that it applies easily on the skin.  Two dots per cheek is enough to give me a nice flush, and it stays for the whole day! I kid you not. 

It says that it has moisturizing properties/ingredients that's supposedly good for the skin and it had SPF 15, too. As you know, anything with SPF and I'm all for it.

The applicator is big enough to be used on the lips and on the cheeks.  However, personally, I prefer to just dab my finger on it and let my finger apply the product on either my cheeks or my lips.  It's also to keep the applicator clean and clump-free.

swatches for the lips and when blended on the cheeks
I've been using this as part of my weekend makeup stash. You know, something quick and easy for Saturday errands.  And it works perfectly as a cheek color, because I need not re-apply throughout the day.  It can be applied directly onto the skin, even with just a BB cream or a sunblock.  Or it can also be applied over powder.  But personally, I like to blend it in first with my BB cream before putting on powder.  That way, if I happen to apply too much, I can always correct it via my powder.

As for the lips, it does have a nice shade to it and for my own lips, it had a nice darker nude effect.   It's also moisturizing for the lips, although as such, it had less staying power.  Maybe just a good three hours until you have a drink.  

When I had this makeup look on, I wore the cheeks the whole day. However for the lips, I always had to re-touch after a meal or a drink.  But all in all, I do think the shade is quite pretty.  And nothing beats a product with a double purpose, right? With it's very reasonable price, I think you're getting real value for your bucks with this one.

Happy Skin products are available in Plains & Prints stores, in Beauty Bar stores, and online thru their website.  

What's your latest Happy Skin product?

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  1. Love it! Double purpose indeed! Love the color and the pigmentation. Will check on this.


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