Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Review: MAC's Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Berry Bold

Good morning! Today is a red lip Tuesday and have I got another great lip product for you. Since it's already sweet November, it's time to wear redder lips.

Are you always wondering about sporting a red lip color but is also kinda afraid that it might look hideous on you? I had to admit, wearing this color can be tricky and with the many shades and textures available on the market, what's a makeup newbie gotta do?

Or how about you already know how to wear red, but kinda have clumsy hands every morning? You know, always rushin' about, spillin' things on the floor, knockin' out stuff around your room, and putting your makeup on the wrong side of your face? Admit it, it happens! I mean, I'm clumsy, too, so I know how that feels! So I sometimes end up having lipstick on the outer corners of my mouth, or my eyeliner not fully covering my entire lid. Yeah, it sucks!

But here's one product to solve our clumsy-hands problem and to solve makeup newbies' fears of wearing bold lip colors.

Let's see the details...

Place bought: MAC store, Rustan's Glorietta
Price: Php1,200.00
Packaging: It's a fat lip pencil, retractable, round tip, and comes in a box.
Shade: Berry Bold - bold indeed! A very bright warm red on the tube.

Ok, sorry about the price. Yeah, it's a MAC product, so expect it to be a little steep. Despite that, I think I'm gettin' my money's worth on this. 

First, the color - it's indeed a Berry BOLD one! On the tube, it's a frightening red, but I also think it's a festive, happy red. Perfect for this season! It's universally flattering for different types of skin tones, whether warm or cool. On me, it makes my skin brighter and I do love the effect. For newbies on red, this is a nice basic red shade to try. 

Now, for the texture, as you can see in the swatch, it's not really so bright when applied.  It's a moisturizing kind, a little on the wet, glossy side.  However, the bright red hue will show up only when layered on the lips, like how I wore it in the photos.  Otherwise, it can be worn like a stain on the lips using one layer. So it can be a softer red, more on the safer side, if that's what you're goin' for. Also, it stays on for a fairly long time, like four hours, or until I have my lunch when applied in the morning.

See the round tip? Despite being called a lip pencil, it actually does not look like one at all! Well, except for the external packaging, though.  But I do like the round tip, because it's "dummy-proof", "idiot-proof", and "clumsy-proof"! Haha! With that, I can confidently apply it on my lower lips without a mirror, and just smack my lips together for an instant touch-up.  Cute, right?

In sum, I think that despite the price, it's actually a great product. Although I do think that MAC is just trying to go with the trend of "lip pencils-cum-lipsticks" when they came out with this one.  It kinda has that same texture and effect like those with Revlon's, but for a steeper price. If you can't afford MAC, try those from Revlon because I do think they have the same everything.

Well, that's all for now. Happy Tuesday!

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